Carefully read our END USER LICENSE AGEEMENT "EULA", or "User Agreement" before you buy Spyic Software or licensed software, as it will be known after your installation. By installing or putting Spyic software to use, you are agreeing to follow the terms and conditions attached to our proprietary software and application. This EULA is an agreement that is subject to litigation and legal processes, and is binding between you and Spyic. Do not download or install this software if you do not agree to the express and implied terms of this EULA.

You have a responsibility to alert any user of your device hosting the Spyic Software of the presence of the application, and failure to do so, exposes you to the risk of legal costs and damages that might result. You must let every user of your device know of the need to use it only for legal purposes and not for an illegal activity.

Any Installation of Spyic Software is bound by the following:

Coverage of the License

Spyic gives you the limited license of use of the Spyic Software upon purchase and agreement to the terms of use that cannot be transferred or revoked. You are to:

i. Install the software on the devices owned by you subject to the license type you have procured

ii. Put the information made available to you by the Software to use after review

iii. Put the Software to use in monitoring a specific app, or information that are cloud-based

iv. Refrain from using the Software for monitoring any account, application or program, which you do not have a legal right

v. Refrain from using the Software on a cloud-based platform that gives the right of usage to many devices beyond the terms of license you have obtained

vi. You have a personal responsibility to determine in all instances if you have a legal right to any account, application or program you are subjecting the Software to.

Legal Use Designation

We state expressly that our License to Spyic software is given only to anyone who has a legal right to a device, a program, or an application. If you install our Software on a device, application and program that you are not the legal owner, you have broken the terms of use, and will be liable in the event of any legal proceeding or recourse to monetary, criminal or civil sanctions that may apply.

Improper Use of the Software

By agreeing to our terms of use, you have expressly avowed that you will not employ Spyic Software to extort, defame, threaten, harass abuse or stalk anyone or infringe on the personal privacy of others. You are also expressly precluding the Software Provider from any damages that may arise from your improper use of the Software as already stated.

Whenever, it comes to our knowledge that the Software is installed on a device inappropriately, we shall have the right to provide the complainant the un-installation instructions without recourse to you.

The account holder of Spyic Software provides us with data that are encrypted and not disclosed to third parties except by intervention of the law or law enforcement.


Our Software is protected by intellectual property rights, and an account holder is only granted the right to hold, install, and put such to personal use.

You are expressly forbidden from:

(i) Selling, leasing, renting, redistributing, licensing, or granting the Licensed Software

(ii) Recompiling, dissembling or reverse-engineering of a part of all of the Licensed Software

(iii) Modifying the source code, deriving, writing, or developing a derivative software from the Licensed Software

(iv) Divulging, disclosing, providing, or making available the Software to any third party without our express consent

(v) Copying this Software for any purpose.

Embarking on any of the above is a violation of the terms and conditions of this User Agreement, and the breach of restricted use exposes you to possible legal, criminal or civil sanctions.

Terms and Termination

This license of use of our Software is limited to the subscription plan you have signed up and paid for. Upon expiration of your subscription plan, your access and usage will cease unless renewed. Failure to renew your subscription necessitates that you un-install the Software from your device.

The terms and conditions will also be mitigated by the following:

Limited warranty

The limited warranty offered with this Software License expires at the end of your subscription plan subject to any extensions granted as a result of replacements, updates or possible supplements.

Warranty Exclusions

The warranty provided is excluded by circumstances or acts of negligence by the user, other parties or a force majeure.

Limitations of Liability

By Installing our software, you avow that you have read, understood and consent to the underlying terms and conditions for the use of Spyic Software, and that you are bound by the express and implied terms and conditions.

No third party shall be permitted to enforce the terms and conditions of this Software License. This User Agreement shall be actionable under Common Law, and across global jurisdictions, as may be applicable.

International Use

Our Software is open for use globally with the exception of the United States of America's Treasury, Commerce or Homeland Security restricted countries or their nationals.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you affirm that you are not located in any restricted country or territory in the aforesaid list.