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Add the iCloud details of the target device and disable the two-factor authentication. No jailbreak or downloads are needed.

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Log in to your account on any browser. Then, monitor the target device from the Spyic dashboard.

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iphone spy app for parents
Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Spyic is an advanced iOS monitoring app with a strong parental control feature set. You can keep track of your kids' device use remotely, with them being none the wiser. Spyic for iOS is web-based and impossible to detect.

Cyberbullying, cyberpredators, identity theft, scams and malware are some common threats children face. Spyic allows you to protect your children by monitoring their activities remotely. It's often the only way to keep them safe in the Digital Age.

Supervize Your Employees

You need productive employees. You also need them to be loyal to you. Sometimes it's not easy to tell which employees are an asset and which ones are a liability. That's where Spyic comes in.

Spyic allows you to discreetly monitor your employees. Their phone use can tell you a lot about their personalities, integrity, and value to the business. With Spyic, you'll be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

iphone spy app for emplyors

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