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Spyic enables you to remotely track all calls being made/received by someone.

Wondering who calls the people closest to you? With Spyic, you can generate a detailed call log.

  • View all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Check call durations, timestamps, and number of calls made.
  • Look at a list of the most popular contacts..
  • Set up call monitoring without root. Spyic works in stealth mode.

3 Simple Steps to Track Phone Calls Online

Sign up free

Sign up for a free Spyic account.You just need to use an existing email ID.

Install the app

Download Spyic to the target device. Follow the install prompts and hide it.

Track Phone Calls

That's it! You're ready to start monitoring phone calls.

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How to Get the Phone Call Tracker Up and Running

After you've signed up for a Spyic account, you'll be asked to choose between iOS and Android. Pick the platform of your choice and follow the prompts. The Spyic dashboard will load up.

At the dashboard, you can see the top 5 most popular callers. In the left panel, you'll see the "Calls" tab. Click on it to reveal a detailed call log like in the screenshot below.

view call logs

What Can You Deduce from the Call Log?

Call logs can be enormously useful. They tell you who your loved ones are talking to or who's calling you employees. And, finally, they clue you in on whether you should be concerned.

What exactly do we mean by concerned? Your child could be talking to a stranger who means them harm or goofing off instead of doing their homework. Your employees could be in cahoots with competitiors or slacking off at work.

  • Knowledge is power. Armed with the right knoweldge, you can safeguard your children. As a manager, you can keep your employees productive and protect your business interests.
  • Spyic is reliable, powerful, and discreet. It's an ideal parental control and employee monitoring tool.

Furthermore, you are assured of using a quality product. Spyic prides itself on the reliability of its app. In addition, it is a fully legal and safe option for parents everywhere. Due to its compatibility with a number of different cell phone types, there's no excuse not to give it a shot.

Still on the fence? Give it a chance before you make up your mind. If you're like any of the thousands of happy customers, you will keep the app and use it all the time. You may wonder how you even kept track of your family before you started using Spyic.

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