Hidden Spy App For Android

Hidden Spy App

Spyic is a powerful, stealthy spy utility for Android. Get full access to someone's device with them being none the wiser.

Spyic runs in the background and allows you to observe someone secretly.

  • View the target's GPS-based location and location history.
  • Monitor SMS and chat messages remotely.
  • For target Android phone, hide app icon after installation. For iOS target phone, no app download is required.

Use Our Hidden Phone Tracker With 3 Steps

Sign Up Free

Get a free account. All you need is an existing email ID.

Install the app

Download Spyic to the target device. Follow the install prompts and hide it.

Start Spying

Use your Spyic account to monitor the target device.

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What Can You Do with Spyic in Stealth Mode?

Once you've got Spyic set up on the target Android device, you can monitor it discreetly. Spyic is a powerful, versatile app with many advanced features. It provides unfettered access to the target device.

With GPS location tracking, you'll always know where the target device is at the moment. With the Geofence feature, you'll receive alerts when they enter or leave a pre-defined zone.

You'll know exactly who the target communicates with. Spyic gives you access to the person's call log, messages, and social media activity. You can even see their address book and favorite contacts.

Spyic offers many other features, including access to media files, browser history, keylogger, calendar events, and SIM card details. It even keeps track of deleted data, including SMS and social media messages.

Spyic makes for an excellent parental control app. It has several other applications too like employee monitoring.

You can set up Spyic in a handful of minutes on the target device. The app is very lightweight and non-resource-intensive. It runs in the background, without draining too much battery or slowing the phone down.

Do I need to root the target Android device?

No, you don't need to root the target Android device. Most of Spyic's features work without rooting. Note that you will need brief physical access to the target device to get Spyic set up. After that, Spyic will work remotely.

True Stealth Mode

Many spy apps claim to be stealthy. In reality, though, they drain the battery dry and hog the processing power, causing the phone to slow down and behave uncharacteristically. All this makes the owner supicious. Eventually, the spy app will be discovered.

Why Stealth Mode Matters

You may have legitimate reasons for spying on someone. You may be looking out for them. Or you could be protecting your interests. However, your relationship with the person you're spying on may be damaged forever if they find out. That's why stealth matters.

What are some ethical examples of spying? A parent could spy on their children to protect them. Children are naturally rebellious and don't like being supervised. If you do it openly, they find ways to shake you off. Sometimes spying is the only way to safeguard them.

Another ethical example of spying is employee monitoring. If you're an employer, you can check to see if your employees are loyal to you and not in collusion with the competition. You could also monitor employees to keep up productivity.

Want to see Spyic in action? Click on the "Demo" link at the top of the page! Or sign up for an account to download the app and check it out first-hand.

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