Track Installed Apps

Track Installed Apps

Keep track of all the apps installed on the target Android or iOS device.

Are your kids using age-appropriate apps? Are your employees using the company phone for entertainment? Find out with Spyic!

  • Review all installed apps.
  • Monitor when an app was installed.
  • Block access to some apps.

Monitor Installed Apps with 3 Simple Steps

Get A Free Account

Sign up for free with an email address and password.

Set Up Spyic

Download Spyic onto the target Android device to set it up. For iOS devices, you need the iCloud credentials.

Check Installed Apps

Find information on how well certain apps are being used at a given time.

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How To Use the Installed Apps Tracker

Get Spyic set up to work with the target Android or iOS device. You don't need to jailbreak or root. Once Spyic is good to go, you'll find the link installed applications section in the Spyic homescreen.

Found and clicked on the Applications link in the selection panel to the left? The installed apps screen will show up. Here, you'll see 12 apps listed by default on the first page. You can quickly scan for inappropriate apps.

The Applications window shows when a particular app was last accessed. You get detailed timestamps for app usage. Finally, if you find an inappropriate app, you have the option to block it.

Do I need to root or jailbreak the target phone?

No, you don't need to. The Location Tracker works with stock versions of iOS and Android. Our engineers have labored hard to make this happen.

Use Spyic in Stealth Mode

Spyic was designed to be next to impossible to detect. The Android version, once installed on the target device, can be hidden. It runs in the background without slowing the phone down or using much battery. The iOS version is fully web-based, there are no downloads involved.

Why Keep an Eye on Installed Apps?

The are a multitude of age-inappropriate, often malicious apps out there. There are programs that steal your personal information or clog your phone up with ads.

Children are vulnerable. Often, they can't distinguish between real and malicious apps. Ocassionally, a too-curious child will willingly download an age-inappropriate app. You can only keep your kids safe by regularly screening for malicious apps.

Also, if you're an employer, you may have gifted your employees company phones for work. But are the phones actually being used for work as intended? Or is an employee treating it as a personal device? You can find out by checking the installed apps.

Spyic offers a convenient, hassle-free way to monitor installed apps. It works remotely and anonymously. It's also easy to set up and use. Download Spyic now!

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