Is She Cheating on Me? 20+ Signs of Cheating Girlfriend

‘Is she cheating on me?’ is a question that haunts many men. If one person is involved in a relationship very seriously while the other one is fooling around, life can be hard.

It not only causes you mental stress but impacts all aspects of your life. You might find it hard to concentrate at work and it might even lead to depression.

Therefore, it is important to understand the signs of cheating girlfriend early on. You have to know if there is any base for your suspicious.

Therefore, in this guide, I will mention 20 signs of a cheating girlfriend. Through these signs, you will know if it is okay to suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Not only that, I want the best for you. This is why I will even give you a way through which you can catch a cheating girlfriend WITH PROOF.

Yes, you heard that right. Wait till the end of the blog to find out what this awesome tool is. You might be surprised at what you find.

Cheating Girlfriend Signs

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Cheating Girlfriend Signs

These signs are displayed by most of the women who start cheating in a relationship. If your girlfriend displays one or a few of these signs, it might not be for sure that she is cheating. However, it can lead to some chance of cheating.

If your girlfriend displays all or most of these signs, there is a good chance that she is cheating (not 100% probability though). To know for sure, use the method at the end of the blog.

So let us start with the signs:

Behavior Signs of Cheating Girlfriend

1. Spending too much time on the phone:

Most people tend to cheat through their cell phone. Even if she is meeting someone in real life every day, there will always be traces of it on her phone. Therefore, if you feel she is spending too much time on the phone, it might be something to worry about.

2. Talking Less To You:

When your girlfriend or your wife has someone else in her life, she might find it less interesting to talk to you. She probably shares everything with the other person already. So there wouldn’t be much to talk about when she is with you.

3. Avoiding Questions:

If someone is cheating, they often avoid questions at times. For example, if she was late from ‘office’ on any particular day and you question her, she might just shrug it off or avoid the question completely. This is a serious sign of cheating.

4. Lying:

If you catch your girlfriend lying about even the minor things, it is probably that she could be lying about the big things too. Cheating might happen to be one of them.

5. Too Happy or Too Sad:

If your significant other seems too happy or too sad consistently as compared to her earlier behavior, it might be that something important is happening in her life. Cheating could be a possible explanation.

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6. Change of Subject:

If you mention some particular name, does your girlfriend often ends up changing the subject? She might act as if she is ignorant and doesn’t really know the person even after she spent time with him. If that is so, it is a good chance that she is cheating.

7. She is too busy:

If she has started being busy too often, she might be cheating. If you notice that lately there have been gaps where she was unavailable and she cannot explain why, she might be involved with someone else.
This is especially true if earlier she used to be always available for you, but now she does not have much time at all.

8. Excuses to Leave:

Does she find excuses to go away now and then? For example, her friend might need her for an unexplained emergency. Or probably she would say that she got an urgent call from the office?
If that is the case, it is highly likely she has someone on the side.

9. Call Waiting:

If your girl has her phone on call waiting for most of the time you call her, it is a very suspicious thing. Try asking her who she was talking to and check for her response.
If call waiting happens once or twice, it is understandable. However, when it starts to become a regular occurrence, I’d be worried.

Physical Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

10. Less interested in intimacy:

If you are being intimate with your girlfriend and she avoids it or tries to find a distraction, it is a good chance that she is cheating on you. If that happens repeatedly, you need to worry.

11. She is Attractive:

If your girlfriend is very attractive, there would be a lot of guys hitting on her. It is a good chance that she might not turn one of them down. Therefore, if I were you, I’d keep an eye out.

12. Dressing Style:

Has her dressing style changed recently? Is she trying to be more provocative on purpose in her dressing? Or probably her sense of fashion has awakened lately due to some unknown reason?
It is possible that she could be doing it to please somebody, and that somebody might not be you.

signs your partner is cheating on you

Signs She Cheated and Feels Guilty

13. Depressed Behaviour:

If she is depressed lately for no apparent reason and yet seems to love you the same, it is possible that she might have cheated and feels guilty about it.

14. No Eye Contact:

It is a known fact that people who avoid eye contact are generally the people who are hiding something. Therefore, if your girlfriend has lately started avoiding eye contact with you, she probably did something bad and feels guilty about it.

15. Over Pampering:

If, out of nowhere, your girlfriend starts to care for you way more than she used to she might have done something terrible and she is trying to make up for it. If she feels guilty about her cheating, she will overcompensate it by trying to please you to any extent.

Social Signs Of A Cheating Girlfriend

16. Private Account:

If your girlfriend is keeping her social accounts private from you, she is doing it on purpose. She must be having something to hide and she is hiding it well.

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17. New Friends:

If your girlfriend has made some new friends out of nowhere and is spending too much time with them, it is very suspicious activity. She might not be with them at all. Or probably she is involved with someone among them.

18. Multiple Accounts:

If your girlfriend has more than one account on the same social media platform, she might be using the other account for some fishy activities. You should always keep an eye on such things.

19. Partying:

If your girlfriend has started partying way too much lately, and you don’t have any idea where she goes and what she does, she is probably cheating on you. Not only that, she doesn’t care about hiding it much.

20. Excluding you from the social circle:

If you aren’t allowed to be a part of your girlfriend’s social circle, it is strange. If she feels that you should not meet her friend or go out with her when she is with them, she is lying to you about something.

Now that you know all the signs of a cheating girlfriend, you need to make sure that she is cheating. Suspicion without evidence does not form the truth.

Therefore, you need to catch her cheating. But how? Read on to find out…

How To Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

If your girlfriend is showing any of these signs that I mentioned, it is a cause of concern. However, it is not something you can base your relationship on.

You need to find out the truth for yourself before you accuse her of anything. You need to have proof that what you think is right.

But how will you do that? Simple. Since most of the signs include her phone, you can know everything if you have her phone.

Most people who cheat always leave traces of their cheating on their phone. These traces can be found in messages, social media accounts, call logs, locations, or photos.

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However, if you ask her for her phone she might deny it right away. Even if she gives you the phone, she might have already deleted the data. And if there is nothing on the phone right now, it doesn’t mean that there will be nothing in the future too.

So what you need is a phone spying app that keeps a constant watch over her. Not only that, this app should give you all the data that is present in her phone.

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Meet Spyic- The Automated Phone Spy Designed To Catch Cheaters

Spyic is a phone monitoring tool that is created so that people could find out if their girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on them.

It is easy to install and simple to use the software. It doesn’t require much from you. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy all the data that Spyic gives you.

If you are using Spyic to spy on your girlfriend, she will never find out that you are keeping an eye on her. This tool works quietly and leaves no traces of its operation in her phone.

For iPhone, you don’t even touch her phone at all to access it (not even once). Yes, that’s true. You can do it remotely with convenience. All you need is the iCloud credentials of your girlfriend.

For Android, every phone monitoring tool requires an app installation on the target device. Therefore, you will need to install the Spyic app on the target phone. However, this app is less than 2 MB and it installs within seconds.

Further, once the app is installed, it vanishes from the app drawer. Your girlfriend will never find the app on her phone. Only you can open it with a secret code.

Not only that, but if you ever feel like uninstalling the app from her phone, you can do it with a single click from your own web browser. Quite magical, indeed.

And the best part? It does not require root or jailbreak of any kind. It wouldn’t ask you to modify your girlfriend’s phone. It will work on it as it is.

Below are some of the benefits of using Spyic. The space is too short to mention all of them. However, you can explore Spyic’s demo free (no app installation). You will know why it is so awesome.


Benefits of Spyic

Web Based Interface:

Spyic doesn’t ask you to install any app on your phone or PC in order to monitor your wife’s phone. You can open the Spyic dashboard in almost all web browsers. Spyic dashboard gives you all the features of Spyic in an organized user interface.

Stealth Mode:

As I mentioned earlier, whether your girlfriend is using iOS or Android, she never finds out that you are spying on her. In iOS you don’t even have to access her phone at all.

Millions of Users:

Spyic is used by millions of users globally. This makes me feel safe while using Spyic. If so many people can trust it with their data, so can I.

Cheap Price:

Spyic is affordable for everyone. The first time I started using it I didn’t really have much money with myself. However, yet I didn’t feel any burden at all paying for it. It is even cheaper now because they are giving some huge discount.

No Root or Jailbreak:

Spyic does not ask you to root or jailbreak the target phone. And yet, it doesn’t do any concessions in terms of features. I didn’t even imagine I can do so much without rooting or jailbreaking.

Now let’s come to the main point and see how to catch your cheating girlfriend through Spyic.

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Follow these easy and simple steps and within minutes you will know if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Step 1. Sign up for Spyic and get a subscription plan for your target phone – iOS and Android.


Step 2. Follow the setup wizard. It will guide you through easy installation of Spyic.

Step 3. a.) For iPhone, verify the iCloud credentials of your girlfriend in the setup guide.


b.) For Android, download and install the app from the link mentioned in the setup guide. Allow any permission that is required.

Step 4. Hit ‘Start’ and you are ready to begin monitoring. You will be taken to the dashboard.


Did you ever imagine it would be this easy? I didn’t when I was about to use it for the first time. However, Spyic has proved me considerably wrong since then.

Now that you are on the Spyic dashboard, you will find so many features here. Here are a few of them that will help you catch a cheating girlfriend:


Social Media Monitor:

Social media monitor has dedicated modules for every social media platform. You can check it for seeing her chats on Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, and so much more. You will even know the people she is talking to.

Call Monitor:

Call monitor gives you complete details about all the calls that are made or received by the device. These details include parameters like call duration, caller identity, time stamps, etc.

Location Monitor:

Location Monitor gives you live update of your girlfriend’s whereabouts. You can also see the locations that she has visited recently. It even has the feature to set up a geo fence. This alerts you whenever your girlfriend crosses the boundary set by you.


Keylogger records every keystroke that is made by your girlfriend. This includes messages, browser searches, and even usernames and passwords. This is a very helpful feature and my favourite.

This is just a glimpse of all that Spyic has to offer. There are so many more features like Message Monitor, call recorder, etc. To get to know it more, you can check the Spyic demo here.

Prove Signs Wife Is Cheating

If the woman in suspicion is your wife instead of girlfriend, there is nothing you need to change. The signs I mentioned are applicable to your wife as well. Spyic works all the same whether its your wife or girlfriend.

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Takeaway- How To Tell If She Has Cheated

If you were thinking ‘is she cheating on me?’, I think the answer might be quite clear after reading the signs of cheating.

However, it is not a good idea to rush to a conclusion in any case. It is a serious relationship, and you should always make sure you have proof of your accusations.

Therefore, always gather proof with the help of phone spying by using something like Spyic. Although, never tell her that you are spying on her. That might do more harm than good.

Once you have the necessary data with Spyic, there is no more doubt. If you see evidence of her cheating on Spyic’s message monitor or call monitor, there is no more suspicion. It is confirmed.

And once that is confirmed, what you wish to do is purely your choice. It is based upon your mutual relationship and there is no guide in the world that can guide you correctly about it.

If you feel like she deserves a second chance, give that to her. Humans make mistakes.

However, if you feel that it is not in you to allow her to do it again, be strong and break the relationship. The trust has already been broken. You should find somebody better.

And if you do, be sure that you keep an eye on her since the start! You can get Spyic through this link.

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