How to See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without His Phone

An MSNBC survey indicates that one in five people cheats on their partner. When it comes to men, the rate is even higher. Therefore, if you have any suspicion that your boyfriend is cheating on you, it is a cause of grave concern.

Countless women lookup on the internet for ways to catch a cheating boyfriend. Confronting your boyfriend directly is not really a viable solution since his lies can exploit your emotions quite easily. As a fellow woman, I can understand the emotional toll it takes on the mind.

Thankfully, in this smartphone age, you no longer have to go on wild goose chases. If your boyfriend is cheating on you, there will surely be hints and clues on his cell phone about it. Through this article, you will learn how to check his phone’s messages secretly for these indications.

This guide will save you the trouble of accusing your boyfriend of betrayal when he is innocent in reality. In case he is cheating, you will finally have the proof to confront him. Therefore, you can clear your mind once and for all with the tricks you will learn here:

Part 1: How Can I Read My Boyfriends Text Messages without Touching His Phone

The quickest, most hassle-free way to read your boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone is via Spyic for iOS. The app allows you to remotely read your boyfriend’s texts without physically accessing the iPhone or even going near it.

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1.1 Spyic: Helping You Uncover Your Boyfriend’s Despicable Behavior

Spyic is one of the most advanced iOS monitoring apps ever made. It allows you to read your boyfriend’s text messages remotely and discreetly. The app can be set up within minutes. You’ll be reading his texts in no time.

Here are some of the top reasons to try Spyic for iOS:

1. You can set up Spyic for iOS remotely

Spyic is one of the only apps in the market that can be set up fully remotely. All you need is a computer with a working internet connection. Most other spy apps require you to physically install software on the target iPhone.

2. You can read your boyfriend’s texts in minutes

Spyic is very easy to set up. It takes less than 10 minutes for the whole process. You can even do it when your boyfriend is washing soap packaging boxes. You just need to sign up for a Spyic account, purchase a monthly plan, and then follow the setup instructions.

3. You don’t need any technical knowledge

You don’t need to be a tech whiz to operate Spyic. The app was meant to be easy to use. It can be set up by anyone. Operating the app is simple too. The interface is clearly laid out and you can control Spyic conveniently from the dashboard.

4. Spyic for iOS works without jailbreak

You’ll be able to set up Spyic without jailbreaking the target iPhone or iPad. That means you don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty, making the device vulnerable to malware, and – most importantly – making your boyfriend suspect something is up.

5. Spyic is a very dependable app

Over a million people from 190+ countries across the world rely on Spyic to keep their children safe and employees in line. The app is used by parents, employers, and cybersecurity experts. You can rely on the app to give you your money’s worth.

6. It only costs as much as your morning coffee

Speaking of money, Spyic is extremely affordable. Most other spy apps on the market cost three to four times as much – and don’t work without jailbreak to boot. Spyic offers competitive features at an unbeatable price.  

7. Spyic can do more than read your boyfriend’s texts

 Spyic is capable of doing more than just reading your boyfriend’s texts. The app can give you a look at your boyfriend’s call logs, location history, social media activity, address book, notes, calendar events, among other things.

1.2 How to See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without His Phone

Once you have Spyic up and running, you’ll be able to read his text messages without his phone from the Spyic dashboard. Look for the option in the selection panel. Here’s what the text message window allows you to do:

  • Read texts and iMessages
  • Find deleted texts and iMessages
  • View timestamps
  • Check exchanged media files


Part 2: How Can I See My Boyfriends Text Messages without Him Knowing

If your boyfriend has an Android smartphone or tablet, spying on your boyfriend’s phone text messages might be a little difficult. A lot of solutions online will claim to be able to do so remotely.

**Please note: No app or program on the market can monitor an Android device without a software download. If an app claims to be able to do so, they are lying to you. Don’t give scammers your hard-earned money! **

So how do you check your boyfriend’s messages on his phone without him knowing? If you can briefly access the phone, you can set up Spyic on it. Spyic for Android is a top-tier phone monitoring app, compatible with all the latest Android smartphones and tablets.

2.1 Spyic for Android is a true-blue ghost app

Once you have Spyic set up, it operates invisibly. You will be able to spy your boyfriend’s phone text messages remotely. Here are some reasons why Spyic for Android is such a special app:

1. You will never be found out

Spyic for Android is less than 2MBs in size. Once it’s installed, it runs in the background invisible to the user without draining the battery or slowing down the phone. The app’s icon can be hidden from the drawer and installed apps list, making it 100% untraceable.

2. View your boyfriend’s text messages remotely

After you set up Spyic for Android, you can check your boyfriend’s texts remotely from any web browser. Spyic gives you periodic text updates. Once you’re done reading the texts, you can choose to delete Spyic remotely with a single click.

3. You don’t need to root the target Android device

Most other Android monitoring apps out there need you to root the target phone or tablet. That’s not a good idea. Rooting will void the device warranty and leave it vulnerable to malware, not to mention make your boyfriend suspicious.

Fortunately, Spyic, thanks to its advanced technology, works for Android without root.

2.2 Start spying on your boyfriend’s texts within minutes

How do you spy your boyfriend’s texts? Just purchase a Spyic subscription, install the app, and get access to the dashboard. You’ll find the Message option in the selection panel to the left.

You can check the below video to see how to use Spyic to read someone’s text messages without them knowing.

The Messages window gives you an in-depth view of all SMS messages sent out and received on the phone or tablet:

  • Read text messages
  • View accompanying timestamps
  • Download any exchanged media files
  • Find deleted texts

The dashboard itself contains more useful information like your boyfriend’s last-seen location and calling activity.


Part 3: How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting

Spyic also allows you to see exactly who your boyfriend is texting, regardless of whether he’s using an Android device or an iOS device.

You’ll find contact-related information in the selection panel on the dashboard. Look for the “Contacts” option near the top-left. Here’s what the window will show you:

  • Contact name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Display picture
  • Job description
  • Location history

This is more than enough information to identify who your boyfriend is cheating on you with, where they stay, and what they do.

Want to try Spyic before you purchase it? Take a look at the Live Demo here!

Part 4: Alternative Tricks to Read My Boyfriend’s Texts

When it comes to reliability, features, and trust, Spyic is definitely the best. If you want to expand your options so you can make an informed decision, here are some of the other alternatives to read your boyfriend’s phone messages:

Checking His Phone Yourself:

Of course, checking your boyfriend’s phone yourself is easy, quick, and completely free. However, more often than not you will find nothing fishy there if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

If your boyfriend talks to someone and you have access to their phone, they obviously delete the traces of their chats and other data. While Spyic shows you the deleted information and real-time chats, looking at his phone yourself wouldn’t reveal the same.

Also, this method has a huge fail rate as your boyfriend might catch you while you check his phone every now and then.

Hiring a Professional Hacker:

Many people resort to hiring a hacker online to get their partner’s private phone’s data. While this method might work, it comes with a lot of risks.

Firstly, most of the hackers are not genuine and they will ask for upfront payment (which can be high). You can end up losing your money for nothing.

Additionally, if they are genuine, they might misuse the data they find on your boyfriend. This can land you in more trouble than you even began with. The worst thing is that he might find something he can blackmail you with.

Comparison of the above methods to read your boyfriend’s text messages

Spyic solution:

  • Success Rate: 
  • Cost:
  • Risk:
  • Secrecy from your Boyfriend:
  • Data Breach Chances:

Checking His Phone solution:

  • Success Rate: Medium
  • Cost: Free
  • Risk: High
  • Secrecy from your Boyfriend: Very low
  • Data Breach Chances: None

Professional Hacker Solution:

  • Success Rate: Can be low due to high fraud
  • Cost: Over $500 one time
  • Risk: Very High
  • Secrecy from your Boyfriend: High
  • Data Breach Chances: High

Part 5: What to Do When You Catch Your Boyfriend Sexting

You have found out your boyfriend is cheating on you. Even worse – he’s sharing intimate photos with someone. What should you do in this case?

1. Do you want to salvage the relationship?

First, you need to be clear about whether you want to salvage the relationship or move on. Do you think your boyfriend could change? Or has he done this before? Sometimes it’s best to get real, cut your losses, and move on. You deserve better.

2. Confront your boyfriend

Confront your boyfriend with the evidence you have gathered. Do it when you’ve had a chance to calm down and aren’t reacting emotionally. Ask your friends and family for advice. Gauge his reaction. See if he’s repentant or unapologetic.

3. Move on – with him or without him

The fact you were cheated on isn’t a shortcoming on your part but theirs. Don’t let it affect your self-esteem. There are plenty of good people out in the world. Do your best to move on without looking back to the past.

As a reminder, you can see your boyfriend’s text messages without being discovered by using Spyic for iOS or Android. After you’ve gathered evidence, you’ll have the information you need to make things work with your boyfriend or cut ties with him forever.

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