10 Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

Someone you love is giving you sleepless nights. Their behavior has changed drastically. They keep chatting to someone on Facebook. You don’t know who it is, but you think they’re responsible for your loved one’s personality shift.

You want to read their messages to find the root cause of the trouble. The problem is they won’t let you near their phone. You’re not a professional hacker who can get into their account by rapidly typing away at your keyboard either.

The question is: how do you access someone’s Facebook Messenger and read their messages with little to no technical skills? You can do it with the help of an advanced spy app that’s capable of monitoring Messenger remotely!

In this article, we give you 10 of the best monitoring apps out there that allow you to spy on Facebook Messenger remotely:

#1 Spyic – The King of Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

You may not have heard of Spyic before, but it’s actually an enormously popular app. It’s used by over 5 million people in 190+ countries. The app provides top-of-the-line phone monitoring features for Android and iOS devices.

Spyic allows you view Facebook Messenger activity remotely. It’s also capable of helping you figure out someone’s Messenger credentials. It’s one of the most advanced apps around, seeing as it works without jailbreak or root.

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1.1 Why Spyic is the best of the best

Spyic is one of the only apps in the market that can hack Facebook Messenger without root. Spyic’s developers have spent a long time coming up with this revolutionary feature.

Here are some of the other reasons why Spyic is such an outstanding app:

  1. Spyic is discreet

Whether you use Spyic with iOS or Android, you will never be found out. Spyic is 100% undetectable. The iOS version of Spyic is fully web-based. There are no software downloads involved, making it impossible to detect.

For target Android devices, Spyic runs in the background, invisible to the user. The app icon can be hidden. The app is tiny, at less than 2 MBs. It doesn’t use many system resources and works without draining the battery.

  1. Spyic works remotely

Once Spyic has been installed, you can operate it remotely from any web browser. The app will send you periodic FB Messenger updates. Also, if it proves necessary, you can delete the Android version of Spyic with a single click.

  1. It’s trustworthy

With other spy apps, you can never be too careful. Some of them don’t work at all. Others actually steal your data and also take your money. Spyic, however, is a fully legitimate app with a user base that includes cybersecurity experts.

  1. No jailbreak or root is needed

As we mentioned before, Spyic operates without jailbreak and root. Most spy apps need you to root or jailbreak the target device. This is a complex process. Also, it leaves the device open to malware, not to mention arouse the owner’s suspicions.  

  1. Is more than a simple Facebook Messenger spy app

Spyic is much more than a simple Facebook Messenger spy app. It’s a full-fledged phone monitoring utility with over a dozen advanced features. It allows you to spy on calls, messages, notes, browser history, locations, and much more.  

1.2 Spyic’s cutting-edge technology allows you to spy on Facebook Messenger directly

Here’s what you get from Spyic’s Messenger Spy feature:

  • Read Messenger chats: Spyic lets you read all Messanger chat activity. This includes private as well as group chats.
  • Check timestamps: When did the chat start and how long did it last? You’ll know with the timestamp information.
  • See contact info: Who is your loved one talking to? You can check contact names, phone numbers, addresses, display pictures, and even job descriptions when available.
  • Download media files: Has your loved one exchanged photos, videos, or audio files with their contact on Facebook? Spyic lets you find out.
  • Recover deleted messages: What if the person you’re observing deletes a message they don’t want anyone to read? Spyic backs up all messages to your account. Even if a message is deleted, the backup remains!


1.3 Figure out the target’s Facebook credentials with Spyic’s keylogger

Want to do more than read the target’s Facebook messages? You can potentially get into their account directly. You just need to use Spyic’s built-in keylogger feature.

What’s a keylogger? It’s a program that can record all keystrokes made on the target phone or tablet. How is this relevant? If your target types in their Facebook ID and password, the keylogger will record it for you!


1.4 How to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat

Step 1: Sign up for a Spyic account. You’ll need an email ID for the username.


Step 2: Choose the target device platform: Android or iOS. Then, purchase a subscription. You can view Messenger activity on more than one device if you choose a family or corporate plan.


Step 3: Follow the provided installation instructions. For iOS, you can set up Spyic remotely. For Android, a small software download is necessary. Wait for the installation to finish.


Step 4: After the installation is completed, you’ll get access to the Spyic dashboard. You can find the Messenger spy option under “Social Apps > Messenger” in the selection panel to the left. The keylogger is the last option on the selection panel.

#2 Cocospy – The Only Facebook Messenger Spy App you’ll Ever Need

Cocospy is a worthy alternative to Spyic. The app has been around for a long time with a user base scattered across the planet. The app is most commonly used by parents to keep track of their kids. Employers also use it to monitor employees.

You can spy on Facebook Messenger with Cocospy in a hassle-free way. The app is easy to set up and advanced enough to monitor Messenger without needing a jailbreak or root.

Cocospy can hack Facebook Messenger lightning-quick

You can’t rely on most spy apps in the market. But Cocospy is a trustworthy, virus-free, user-vetted app. Here’s what makes Cocospy a good choice if you’re planning to hack Facebook Messenger:

  • No jailbreak, no root install: Cocospy allows you to monitor Messenger without jailbreak or root. Jailbreak and rooting are complex processes that can harm the target device.
  • Monitor remotely: You can monitor the target device from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer or smartphone with a working net connection.
  • Remain hidden: If the target finds out you’re reading their Messenger activity, it could harm your relationship. Fortunately, Cocospy is a stealthy app. It can’t be detected on either iOS or Android.
  • Complete Facebook Messenger access: Cocospy gives you full access to the target’s Messenger. You can read messages, view media files, and check contact information.
  • Keylogger function: Like Spyic, Cocospy also offers a keylogger function. If the user types in their Facebook username and password, Cocospy will share it with you!

You don’t need any technical skills to use Cocospy or set it up. In addition to Facebook Messenger, Cocospy allows you to spy on WhatsApp, LINE, Instagram, Snapchat, and much more.

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#3 Spyier

spyier boxSpyier is a well-known, all-in-one remote monitoring app.

It allows you to spy on Facebook Messenger remotely, but there’s a catch – you need to root the target device to get Spyier up and running.

This can be a hassle and requires some technical knowledge.

Spyier is a solid app, but it only works on Android

Spyier works as advertised, but it only with Android devices. If you want to monitor iOS devices, you’re out of luck. Also, note that you will have to root the target Android device to get access to Facebook Messenger.

Here are some of the advantages of Spyier:

  • Allows you to read incoming and outgoing Facebook Messenger messages.
  • Find out target’s Facebook credentials with the Keylogger.
  • Monitor and control remotely. Stay hidden.

You can purchase a Cop9 Premium subscription for $25.9 per month. It’s more expensive than Spyic, and also doesn’t work without root. It’s why we can’t recommend Spyier over Spyic.

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#4 Minspy

 You can use Minspy to spy on someone’s phone and access their Facebook Messenger. However, note that Minspy only works with Android devices. Also, at the moment, it’s only compatible with Android OS 2.3 to 7.1.2. For later versions, it will update soon.minspy box

Minspy works, but it’s expensive

Minspy saves communication logs and shares them with you. These communication logs include text messages, call history, Gmail, and, of course, Messenger activity. However, the app needs you to root the target device for most of these features.

Here are some of the top pros of Minspy:

  • Read Facebook Messenger activity.
  • View Live Screen, updated every 90 seconds.
  • Use keylogger to figure out someone’s Facebook credentials.

What are the drawbacks of Minspy? It’s pricey, for one, at $64.97 for 3 months. Also, it won’t work without iOS devices and doesn’t support the latest Android operating systems like Android 9.0 Pie.

#5 Spyine

Spyine is the 5th entry on our list. The app allows you to spy on Facebook Messenger spyine boxactivity on target Android phones. It doesn’t have an iOS version. Note that you’ll need a rooted target Android phone to get Spyine working.

Spyine offers limited features

While Spyine can spy on Facebook Messenger chat for free, it offers a limited feature set. You can use the app to spy one iPhone, read SMS messages, access contact lists and call history, and check the device locations. That’s about it. You get more features with most other apps.

Here’s a roundup of SpyToMobile’s top features:

  • Read Facebook messages.
  • Get real-time online tracking.

To use Spyine Facebook Messenger spy, you have to pay €0.99 per day. That works out to close to €30 per month, which makes it one of the most expensive apps on this list. You get a disappointing set of features for the asking price.

#6 Mobistealth

Mobiestealth is a surveillance app for both Android and iOS target platforms. The app works with the latest Android/iOS OS versions. However, note that it can only spy on Facebook Messenger on Android devices.


Mobistealth is a good app, but it costs a lot

Mobistealth offers a number of features in addition to Facebook Messenger spy. The app allows you to read SMS messages, check Gmail, see Locations, check photos and videos, and much more.

Here are some of the top features of Mobistealth:

  • Check Facebook Messenger activity.
  • View contact information, media files, and more.
  • Monitor in stealth without being found out.

Does Mobistealth have any drawbacks? As we mentioned, it only allows you to spy on Facebook Messenger on Android devices. Also, it’s very expensive. You have to pay $69.99/month to monitor one device!

#7 Auto Forward

Auto Forward is one of the few Facebook spy apps that can spy on both Android and iOS devices. Note, though, that the Facebook Messenger spy feature only works with target Android devices. Also, you’ll have to root the target device.

Auto Forward requires root

You’ll have to root the target device to use Auto Forward. Rooting is hard. It also leaves the device vulnerable. And if you don’t own the target device, it is bound to make the owner think they’re being spied on.


Auto Forward offers a competitive array of features:

  • Spy on Facebook Messenger on target Android devices.
  • View pictures, contact information, and app lists.

Auto Forward is available for a reasonable price of $29.99. However, you’ll only be able to get a limited feature set on iOS. Also, Auto Forward doesn’t include a keylogger feature, so you won’t be able to spy on Facebook messages for free directly.

#8 The TruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is one of the free spy apps for Facebook messenger. It also offers a limited feature set on target iOS devices. If you want to access Facebook Messenger on a target Android device, you could use this app. Note that it requires a rooted target device.



The TruthSpy app has a dated interface

The TruthSpy app allows you to spy on Facebook messages free without the phone. It does have a somewhat dated interface, though. It also requires the target device to be rooted. If you can put up with that, you have a decent spying solution at hand.

Here’s a list of the top features of The TruthSpy:

  • Read logged Facebook Messenger messages.
  • Check contact information.

It costs $25.99 to subscribe to The TruthSpy per month. For the price, you can access Facebook Messenger on Android phones only.

Note that the app doesn’t support iOS Facebook Messengers and also doesn’t have a keylogger. Also absent are features like the Facebook photo, video, and audio logging.

#9 Highster Mobile

The penultimate entry on our list is Highster Mobile. This free Facebook Messenger spy for Android allows you to spy on Facebook messenger on target devices.

Pricey but works as advertised

Highster mobile allows you to access call logs, messages, locations, and social media apps, including Messenger. However, note that there are several users complaining about the app’s performance online.

If you’re willing to take the risk, here’s what Highster Mobile has to offer:

  • Can be set up within a minute.
  • Works with popular social media apps.

Is there a drawback to Highster mobile? The app doesn’t include a keylogger, so you won’t be able to find out someone’s Facebook credentials. Also, the app is kind of expensive at $69.99 per device monitored.

#10 SMS Peeper

The final entry on our list is SMS Peeper. SMS Peeper, as the name suggests, is actually a remote SMS spy app that allows you to spy on Facebook messages free without the phone. It emails you the latest 100 messages sent or received on the target phone number.

SMS Peeper only works if Facebook texts are enabled

If you want to use SMS Peeper to spy on someone’s Messenger chats for free, note that the app will only work if the target has enabled Facebook texts. What are Facebook texts? It’s a service that forwards Messenger chats to a number via SMS messages.

If Facebook texts are enabled, SMS Peeper will be able to intercept all messages and send a log to your email.

Here are some reasons why SMS Peeper is a good app:

  • Works remotely.
  • Can’t be detected.

Unfortunately, SMS Peeper has a rather limited feature set, seeing as it’s not a real spy app. You can get text messages, but that’s about it. Features like contact viewing and media access are completely absent.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you were looking for a way to spy on a Facebook account, you now know plenty. However, no matter how good a Facebook spying app is, I can understand if you have questions in your mind. I will try to address some of these:

❓ Can I use these methods to spy on other social media platforms too?

Yes, these methods work for most of the popular social media platforms that people use, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

🕵️ Will the other person find out that I am spying on them?

The better the app you choose, the more stealth it offers. Therefore, the top picks on this list can spy on a Facebook account while being 100% hidden.

🤔 Can I spy on a Facebook account free?

Unless you want to be scammed and lose your time and data, there is no Facebook spying app that can spy on a Facebook account totally hidden.

📋 Will I have to access their phone to get their Facebook messages?

If they are using an iPhone, the best apps out there such as Spyic can get you their Facebook messages without having to touch their phone even once. However, Android phones need one-time access to spy on someone’s messages.

🧐 How much time it will take to spy on a Facebook account?

If you make the correct choice of Facebook spying app and follow the steps as it suggests, it will take you only five minutes to spy on a Facebook account.


To sum it up, Spyic,Cocospy and Spyier are the only three apps that work with both Android and iOS target devices without jailbreak or root. Also, they allow you to spy on Facebook Messenger activity remotely, without being detected.

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