Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone

With a plethora of free spy apps for Android devices without target phone, it becomes very difficult to choose the right spy app. There is a lot of scam in spyware industry.

Many companies trap people by advertising powerful cell phone monitoring features. After purchase, the customers lose their calm when several features are missing. Also, the provided functionality is buggy and misleading.

Some companies lure the customers into the free trial and low priced packages. However, the customers are forced to pay more money when they begin to utilize the software.

If you are looking for the best Android spy app and need some help in making a decision, you are in the right place!

In this article, we will share the list of 5 free spy apps for Android without target phone. We will look at the various aspects and compare the features of different spy apps. In the end, you will get a clear picture of the right choice for you!

App # 1: Spyic

Spyic is a professional, reliable and leading Android cell phone monitoring solution. It is an app that is 100% secure and legit. You can rely on Spyic in complete certainty, as many different users do in over 190 nations.

It is trusted by millions of users with an impressive customer satisfaction rate of 96%. The app comes with a brilliant design and user-friendly interface to provide enhanced spy experience.

Spyic does not burden you with technical complexities. With fast and easy setup, you can start tracking an Android phone within a few minutes.

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How can you spy on an Android phone with Spyic?

You can start monitoring a target Android phone within a couple of minutes.

  • Sign up to Spyic account.
  • Subscribe to a suitable plan.
  • Configure the target device.
  • Complete Spyic setup on the target device.
  • Login to Spyic Control Panel.
  • View Dashboard
  • Choose different options to view related data.

Spyic Dashboard

Features of Spyic App

Track calls

You can easily monitor the incoming, outgoing and missed calls on the target device. Know the contact name, profile photo, timestamp, and duration of the call.

Read Text messages

Read the SMS conversations and the attached media files. Spyic is capable to spy on the instant messages. You can monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Instagram, Tumblr, Tinder, and other social apps.

spy on text messages

Check browsing history

Track and monitor the visited URLs prom the target Android device.

Keylogger feature

The keylogger feature captures every keystroke of the target device. It is helpful in extracting passwords.


View installed apps

Keep an eye on the interests of your kid by viewing the list of installed apps every now and then.

Monitor photos and multimedia files

Sending messages in the form of pictures, audios, and videos is very common these days. Spyic multimedia tracking feature allows you to view multimedia files that are shared.

GPS location tracker

Spyic keeps you updated on the targeted device specific location. The app allows you to select places of interest as marked spots such as pubs, bars, and casinos. The app will alert you in real time if the monitored device is located in any of these specified marked areas.



Spyic is compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

It is compatible with all versions of iOS.

Why should I choose Spyic?

  • Spyic is a trustworthy and legit app. Millions of users around the world use it. Within a few minutes, the setup can be completed.
  • The user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it enjoyable to monitor the target process.
  • You can track exchanged messages via other social apps in addition to SMS.
  • Spyic helps you keep an eye on every target device activity with over 30 + features.
  • It retrieves the data from the target device remotely and displays data on your web-based dashboard.
  • The device doesn’t have to be rooted.
  • The app runs in a complete stealth mode.
  • It occupies minimal memory space of less than 2 MB.
  • Less battery consumption.
  • The performance of the target device remains unaffected.
  • There is no malware or virus in it.
  • It comes at affordable pricing.
  • Professional customer support throughout the year is available 24/7.

Check out our live demo here and see how well it fits your monitoring needs.

App # 2: Cocospy

Cocospy is another professional and reliable tool for spying on Android cell phone. It is a 100% secure and legitimate app.

Cocospy is a leading cell phone monitoring solution with a satisfied customer base across the globe. It is the best mobile tracker app for parental control. You can track almost all activities on the target device without rooting the device.

The well-designed interface is aesthetic, intuitive and user-friendly. With over 30 features, Cocospy gives you complete control over the monitored app. Professional customer support is present 24/7/365 to provide assistance.

How does it work?

Cocospy works in a simple manner. You need to physically access the device once to install the application. Once installed, the app runs in the background to capture device data. This data is uploaded to the servers over the internet. You can access and view the logged data through your Cocospy Control Panel.



  • You can track complete call history and details of the call.
  • See the details of all contacts in the phonebook.
  • Read SMS conversations and see the attached photos and videos.
  • Monitor the activity of social apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Tinder, Kik, LINE, QQ, WeChat, and others.
  • See the notes and information of events in the calendar of the target device.
  • Track the real-time location of the phone and view the complete history.
  • View internet browsing history.
  • You can also see the list of the installed app.

Check out the Cocospy live demo here and see the full functionality yourself.

  • Live demo is available.
  • Cocospy can be set up within a few minutes.
  • Does not heat up or drain out the battery.
  • Runs silently with no trace of it on the target phone.
  • Affordable and easy on the pocket.
  • Cocospy has advanced features such as keylogger, alert on SIM Card replacement.
  • Complete functionality can be accessed without rooting the device.
  • It is a legit app.
  • Does not contain malware or virus.
  • It does not provide remote control commands.


It is compatible with Android devices running Android versions 4.0 and above.

Cocospy iOS solution supports all iOS versions.

Pricing Plans

Cocospy offers Basic, Premium, and Family subscription packages.

You can monitor a device for as low as $8.33 per month all the year round with Basic package.

The Premium package can be availed at $9.99 per month with a 12-Month License.

You can monitor multiple devices at a time by subscribing to Family package. The cost of 12- Month license for a Family package is $16.66 per month.

See complete details of pricing here.

App # 3: Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is powerful spy software that spies on all activities of the target device. You can view the tracked data by logging in to the Hoverwatch account and browsing through the dashboard.

Hoverwatch is a legal spy app for monitoring your kid’s phone and employee’s cell phones. With Hoverwatch, you can keep a track of SMS, call logs and conversations on social applications. It can record the data of phone surroundings and capture photos remotely.

You can browse through the internet browsing history, calendar notes and get access to address books. Besides, Hoverwatch extracts the activities listed in the ‘To-do list’ of the target device.

It is important to note that certain features of Hoverwatch can be accessed by rooting or jailbreaking the device. On the contrary, you can enjoy the complete functionality of Spyic without rooting or jailbreaking the device.

Hoverwatch provides you the limited capability to spy on social apps. You can only track Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Viber. You can click here to find more info about social media apps spy. Use Spyic or Cocospy solution if you desire to track other instant messengers such as Facebook Lite, Messenger, Messenger Lite, WeChat, QQ, LINE, Tinder, Telegram, Badoo, POF, Tumblr, Instagram, the and Skype.

You can read a detailed review of Hoverwatch here.

  • It is a legit and reliable app.
  • You get a notification every time the SIM Card is changed.
  • It has some advanced features such as keylogger and call recorder.
  • It is economical.
  • Difficult to install.
  • Requires to root/jailbreak the device for particular features.
  • Does not provide ‘Live Demo’ to explore the tool before purchasing it.
  • Poor customer support. Support is provided through ‘Submit a Request’ form only.



Hoverwatch is compatible with Android, Mac and Windows Platform.

Pricing Plans

Hoverwatch offers ‘Personal Plan’, ‘Professional Plan’ and the ‘Business Plan’.

You can monitor a single device with a Personal Plan at the cost of $24.95 a month, $59.95 for three months, and $99.95 for one year.

Monitor up to 5 devices with the Professional Plan at a cost of $49.95 a month, $99.95 for three months, and $199.95 for one year.

Choose ‘Business Plan’ for monitoring the cellphone of your employees. Track up to 25 devices for $149.95 per month.

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App # 4: SpyToMobile – Download Free Spyware Without Touching Target Phone

SpyToMobile is another spy app for extracting data from target Android devices. SpyToMobile app primarily focuses on monitoring employees’ and company cell phones.

It is not as powerful as compared to competitors. This app will serve limited cell phone monitoring needs.

You can analyze messages, phone location, call logs and contacts using SpyToMobile. Additionally, you can read WhatsApp messages and Viber conversations occurring on the target device.

SpyToMobile comes 4th in the list because it lacks several features as compared to Spyic. After seeing Spyic’s colorful and pleasant design, you will not settle for an ugly design of SpyToMobile. Moreover, Spyic does not require you to root Android devices.

  • Geofence alert notifications are sent via SMS and Email.
  • It successfully retrieves deleted messages.
  • SpyToMobile operates in discreet mode.
  • It operates in discrete mode.
  • SpyToMobile offers its services at easily affordable prices.
  • You can view the Live Demo on the official website.
  • You can download free spyware without touching target phone
  • The user interface is poorly designed. The look is heavy and unpleasant on the eyes.
  • It does not support several other basic features
    • Limited social media monitoring features are available.
    • You can not view the internet browsing history.
    • You can not access the emails.
  • It does not support advanced features such as interception of call, keylogger and sending remote control commands.
  • Specific models and versions of Android devices require rooting the device.
  • As per the user’s feedback, sometimes the location is wrongly pinpointed at the map.


  • It is compatible with Android phones from version 2.3 and above.
  • SpyToMobile is not compatible with iOS devices.

Pricing Plans

The pricing plan for SpyToMobile is differently designed. Instead of monthly and yearly subscriptions, you pay per day. The charges are 0.99 € per day per phone.

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App #5: SpyBubble – Download Free Spyware Without Touching Target Phone

Another free spy app for Android without target phone is the SpyBubble app. It secretly records the data and location statistics of the target phone. This recorded data is uploaded on an online Control Panel.

With SpyBubble, you can view call history, SMS history and the location history of the target device. SpyBubble claims to retrieve email details, URL details, photo details and access phonebook of the device.

When you compare Spyic with SpyBubble, you will find a lot of shortcomings in the later. It does not provide options to setup geofence, monitor conversations of social app, extract events from the calendar. Also, The interface of SpyBubble needs a complete makeover to make it user-friendly.

In the call logs, the contact details are not displayed in the calls. Instead, it merely displays the cell phone number. On the other hand, Spyic and Cocospy display contact name, contact photo, timestamp, duration, and call type.

Similarly, Spyic and Cocospy display SMS messages in a conversational view. SpyBubble displays text messages as a record in a table which makes them hard to follow.

  • It offers 14 days money back guarantee.
  • You can download free spyware without touching the target phone
  • The user interface is outdated, dull and boring.
  • The solution does not contain all advertised features.
  • It does not allow you to monitor social apps.
  • SpyBubble lacks several features which are offered by its competitors.
    • Does not retrieve videos.
    • Does not retrieve information of calendar events.
    • No alert on SIM Card change.
    • No keylogger.
  • Requires ‘Rooting’ of the device.
  • The messages do not appear in conversation view.
  • The battery of the target device drains out quickly.
  • Poor and unresponsive customer support


  • SpyBubble is compatible with devices running Android 4.0 and above.
  • SpyBubble supports computers running Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7.
  • It is compatible with Mac computers running OS X 10.9 Mavericks to 10.11 Yosemite.

Pricing Plans

SpyBubble offers ‘Personal’ and ‘Family’ subscription plans.

You can avail a ‘Personal’ subscription of one device for $24.95. The ‘Family’ subscription plan lets you track up to 5 devices at a cost of $49.95.

After a thorough analysis of the spy apps for tracking Android phones, we recommend Spyic or Cocospy app. Both applications provide you reliable monitoring solution at affordable prices. The level of customer satisfaction speaks volume about the quality of Spyic and Cocospy cell phone monitoring software.

Let us know which Android Spy App best suited your needs!

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