Is My Husband Cheating? 21 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

Has your husband’s behavior been giving you sleepless nights of late? If you want to confirm the signs of a cheating husband, then you’ve come to the right place.

Mobile phone security is believed to be unbreakable. But what if we have found a way around it?

It doesn’t matter if his phone and apps are password-protected, because our software is designed to break through any mobile phone security.

This article introduces you to various signs your husband is cheating and provides information on how Spyic can help you confirm your suspicions, followed by some extra signs that can help you understand what’s going on.

Part 1. Spyic: The Magical Spy App to Tell If Your Husband is Cheating

Spyic is a smartphone application that enables users to track the activity of a mobile phone user.

By tracking the mobile phone activity of your husband, Spyic allows you to gather data that can help you find out if he is unfaithful.

1.1 Why Should I Trust Spyic? Is it Secure?

Supporting both iOS and Android, Spyic has occupied a leading position in the market of phone monitoring applications. It is designed in a way to assist partners in keeping a tab on their spouse’s activity.

You don’t have to worry about your husband finding out the presence of Spyic on his phone, because it is developed with pioneering tech, keeping in mind the needs of the user.

Being entirely web-based allows the app to remain hidden from the eyes of the mobile phone user.

To get a better idea of how Spyic functions, click here to watch the app live in action absolutely free.

How Does Spyic Conceal User Identity?

A Web-Based Application

You can view the data gathered by Spyic from your husband’s phone on any device using its browser. Being web-based helps it avoid being detected on the target device.

No Jailbreaking/Rooting

Spyic makes sure that there is no tampering with the security of the target device while spying on it. And the perk with iOS devices is that there’s no jailbreaking required for Spyic to function, and is completely secure!

Thanks to its cutting-edge built technology, one doesn’t require users to root the target Android device even when monitoring third-party social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and so on.

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What is Stealth Mode and Why Is It Important?

The Stealth Mode in Spyic makes sure that no indication is made in the target device for the app to be discovered. It keeps the system from making suspicious moves that might alarm the user.

The installation process for Android devices is extremely safe, fast, and simple. Spyic app, while installed in the device occupies little to no space. Its size is less than 3M.

The app runs silently in the background and consumes very little battery, all the while without slowing the phone down. So there’s no chance of your husband finding out about Spyic in his phone!

On iOS devices, you don’t need to install the Spyic app as it is entirely web-based. Its safe and secure system runs quietly and reports everything your husband does on his phone to you!

And all of this is achieved without compromising the security of both the data and the device!

In What Ways Can Spyic Help You?

This versatile app provides you with all the necessary features required to monitor your husband’s cell phone activity.

GPS Location Information

Spyic can track your husband’s location without him discovering the tracker.

Access to Gallery

With this app, you can gain access to your husband’s mobile phone gallery and browse through its contents easily.

Social Media Spy

With a simple touch, you can view your husband’s social media activity like WhatsApp and Facebook messages even when they’re deleted.

By accessing his social media followers list, you can check his mutuals and frequently contacted users.

Call Log and Text Messages

Even if your husband clears the call log and deletes his text messages, Spyic will make sure that you have a look at them nonetheless.

SIM Tracker

With the help of this app, you can track your husband’s location using his SIM.

1.2 How to Tell if Your Husband is Cheating on You

Here, you’ll be explained in four simple steps the method to set up Spyic in the target device. You’ll be surprised at the hassle-free installation process!

Step 1 Create a free Spyic account with your email and password!


Step 2 Choose whether your husband’s device is iOS or Android.


Now you’ll be redirected to a page that displays various pricing plans. Depending on the features you need, select a plan.

Step 3 It will send an official email to newly registered customers, and you’ll receive one too. Follow the link provided in the message and fill in the necessary details of the device you wish to monitor.


If your husband is an Android user:

Step 4  On the target phone, download the Spyic app from its official website. You can also uninstall the app with just a single click from the device’s control panel.

Tip: Many apps on the internet claim to provide the same seamless service that we do without installation of its app. Please avoid such scams as they do nothing more than harming devices and their data.

On the target phone, download the Spyic app from its official website. You can also uninstall the app with just a single click from the device’s control panel.


Tip: Hide the Spyic app to activate stealth mode! To evoke the app, dial **001** on the target device.

And finally to monitor the target device, head to the web browser and press ‘Start’. Get rolling!


For iOS Devices:

Step 4 – As you reach the end, all you will need to do is enter the iOS credentials of your husband’s iPhone or iPad.


And finally, you can view his mobile activity on your device from the browser remotely and anonymously. No jailbreak or app download required!


Marriage is a sacred relationship, and don’t let the reckless activities of your husband destroy it. You have the right to know what he does behind your back.

Sign up with Spyic to discover the truth about his strange behavior now!

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Part 2. 21 Signs Your Husband Has Been Cheating on You

The signs of a cheating husband are dead giveaways once you start to notice a pattern in their behavior.

And this can be easily figured out by the way they treat their phones. Secretive husbands become alert around their wives when it comes to their phones.

So if you’re doubtful about his loyalty, here are 21 signs to confirm your suspicions. But if you’re still in doubt, then we also have solutions to help you get rid of any confusion. Read ahead to find out!

1. He’s spending more time on his phone than usual (on a daily basis)

Your husband will be at home with you to make things seem normal. But the amount of time he spends on his phone will declare that he’s hiding something.

2. His phone is password protected

Secretive husbands tend to lock their phones with a password (which is a huge alarm sign!) in order to keep secrets from you.

3. He doesn’t unlock the phone for you

Why is he not letting you go through his phone? What is he trying to hide so desperately from his soulmate?

4. You often catch him whispering and smiling on his phone

Have you often caught your husband whispering on his phone when you are around? Well, your suspicion may, unfortunately, be right!

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5. The frequency of excuses keeps rising

He starts making excuses for every mistake he commits and starts to play the victim.

6. He quickly puts his phone away if you walk in on him

This behavior will make you really suspicious because a married couple doesn’t hide things from each other.

7. He dresses up too much while going outside (and he mostly leaves without you)

Has your husband recently been getting ready in a bit extra special manner?

8. He returns late from the office and blames the boss or traffic

Your husband may regularly start returning late from office, putting it on work, boss or traffic even.

The Geofencing option in Spyic enables you to set a boundary around his location. If your husband crosses it, you’ll be notified immediately. Now you’ll know where he goes during working hours.

geo-fence-alert9. Everything is your fault

You lose the understanding in your relationship and he begins blaming you for everything.

10. He stays up late at night doing God knows what

Rather than spending quality time with you post a hectic day at work, your husband may prefer to be on his phone.

11. He clears his call log all the time

Cheating husbands often find it easy to clear the call log rather than explaining to you whom they talk to every other day for hours altogether.

12. His behavior is weird – either he’s hostile or extra nice

Through his actions, he’ll either appear completely disenchanted by you, or he’ll act too sweet to calm his guilt.

13. Your expenses strangely go up

Is your credit card or bank account showing expenses you didn’t make?

14. Emotional and physical intimacy reduces

Has your husband recently been acting a bit too distant? Has the physical and emotional intimacy between you both hit the bare minimum? Well, in such a case, you need to talk to him at the earliest.

15. He avoids communicating with you about anything

Both of you become strangers living in the same house, barely talking to each other.

16. He has multiple social media accounts

Having multiple social media accounts is yet another sign that your husband has something fishy going on.

17. He deletes his text messages frequently

There may be instances when you catch a glimpse of his text messages folder, but boom! The inbox is always empty? What’s up with these deleted messages?

18. He smells different

Well, if you’re not the one who wears that floral perfume, then who does?

19. He picks fights with you for no reason

Either both of you are not talking, or are bickering with each other. He always starts them.

20. If you confront him, it is likely to backfire

If you do not want to confront him with no evidence to back you up, it is better to track his mobile phone activity to help you support your arguments.

21. He just doesn’t understand’

Do you often feel like – ‘He just doesn’t understand me anymore?’ Well, then yeah! He may not be interested anymore to work it out.

Can Spyic save my marriage that’s falling apart?

Unfaithful husbands tend to cheat on their wives at some point.

But what you need to do is confront him with concrete proof to work out a solution. Without confrontation, you can’t reach a conclusion.

Spyic makes sure that you are clear with the decision in your head by confirming all doubts with your own eyes.

The dextrous design of its software allows secure, smooth and discreet functioning. And Spyic promises to be loyal to you, unlike a cheating husband.

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