How to Hack Facebook Account and Messages Without Password

There are numerous reasons why somebody might wish for hacking others’ Facebook account without their knowledge.

There have been reported cases of kids being abused, people being scammed or cheated over social media platforms like Facebook.

The issue is so serious that there have been more than 15 Hollywood movies made upon such predicaments.

These days, people use Facebook for everything from shopping to dating. So it’s obviously the best place to know the veiled details of a person.

But getting into someones Facebook messenger without knowing their credentials like password and email id can be a difficult task.

The good news is that there are reliable and effective solutions to carry out such a task.

However, you should be very careful in choosing these solutions as some of them are fake, or may take you to some spam sites.

How to Hack FB Account without Password and Email

There are some common and shady methods that can be used by hackers for getting the personal information. Plus there are several phone spy apps to monitor not only Facebook but also several other apps along with the phone itself.

Since most of you reading this are not hackers, or even very technologically advanced about computers and programming. We’ll try to figure out the more simple and effective solution for this problem.

Spyic – The Facebook Spying App You’ll Always Trust

For those individuals who are not tech-savvy, there are several spy apps on the internet. But the most popular and unique spying app among them is Spyic.

It is the most reliable and versatile spying software that offers you easy access to Facebook and other apps, installed on the target device.

Spyic is used by millions of users in more than 190 countries worldwide. Due to its prominent performance, Spyic has been featured in some very reputed and huge media outlets.

spyic banner

But what makes it so unique and ubiquitous in its vertical?

Spyic overcomes a very big problem that most users face while spying on other phones – Rooting(for Android OS).

It eliminates the need for rooting the target device. Which means you only have to install it on the target device, and you’re good to go.

Since with other apps, you have to root the target device. Most of them are useless for the common public. Indeed, rooting an Android device is difficult. Plus it doesn’t keep your intentions discreet.

“Rooting an Android device may take anywhere between 30 minutes, to two hours. So choose a spying application that doesn’t require you to root the target device”

It is extremely easy to install and setup. Plus it consists of a user-friendly interface for getting access to all the information you need. Spyic is not only limited to Facebook spying, but it allows you to access other apps and data as well.

Some notable features of Spyic for Facebook Hacking include:

  • You can get access to the target user list of friends.
  • Access to Private Messages and Group Chats
  • Retrieval of Media Files Being Exchanged

For more features and detailed information on Spyic, you may check out their Live Demo Here

spyic dashboard

How Spyic Works to Hack a Facebook Account Without Password

Once you install and setup Spyic on the target device, the dashboard allows you to access the latest notifications and chats of a Facebook account. Along with media files. You can use the Facebook Spy or Android Keylogger tool in Spyic’s dashboard.

Facebook Spy:

The facebook spy feature of Spyic gives you an intuitive dashboard and insights about the current activity of the target user on Facebook. Plus the people he/she is interacting with.



The keylogger allows you to record the taps on the device screen, which can be used to infer the Facebook login credentials of the target user. The keylogger can also be used to track text messages, and similar data of other applications.


How to Install and Setup Spyic

Step 1: Go to the Spyic website, and sign up for an account. It’s free to Sign Up.


Step 2: Select your target device(which in this case will be Android). Choose an appropriate pricing plan which suits you the best.


Step 3: Now download the Spyic app on the target device, using the link mentioned on the setup page.

Step 4: Sign in with your credentials in the Spyic App on the target Android device. Allow the necessary permissions prompted during the setup.

Step 5: The system will take a few minutes to sync the data of the target device. Once it’s done, hit the ‘Start’ button and you’re good to go.


Step 6: Remove the Spyic icon from the target device screen, so the target user doesn’t know about the spying application. Now you can start to hack Facebook messages without password.

Cocospy- Hack FB Messages Without Knowing The Password

The final thing you would try to do to know about someone’s Facebook account is to try and guess their password to get easy access. But guessing a password is almost impossible.

However, there are various ways to hack FB account without a password, even if the target person has maintained the strongest privacy possible.

The solution to this problem, is Cocospy

The app is a big name in the spyware industry, and has been featured for its proficiency in big media outlets. It is being used by millions of users in over 190+ countries, with an immaculate feedback.

Cocospy Facebook spy offers you complete control on how you are reviewing somebody’s data on Facebook.

It is one of the most powerful spy apps available on the market. With Cocospy you can get access to each and every private message of the target user. Get details of the persons with whom your target is in contact with. Alongwith a complete view of media shared over the messenger.

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But How Does Cocospy Really Solve the Problem?

Cocospy is a full fledged spyware, which was designed to spy over mobile devices. The application has an intuitive and feature packed interface, that allows you to track a multitude of activities, apps and data on the target device.

Cocospy has a dedicated “Facebook messenger spy” feature. It allows you to check the Facebook messenger activity on the target device including timestamps for messages, profile pictures and exchanged media files.

Cocospy is easy to use since it doesn’t require you to root the target device. Additionally, it also gives you a lot of other features. You can use also Cocospy to track other third party social media apps. Still without rooting the target Android device.

Okay! But is Cocospy Safe to Use?

Absolutely. Cocospy is exceptionally safe to use. Both for the base user and the target user. Here are certain features that promote it’s safety:

  • The App is Small and Doesn’t Consume Much Storage Space. Less than 2Mb in Size.
  • Can Be Remotely Uninstalled With 1 Click on the Control Panel
  • Works in Stealth Mode. You Can Delete the Icon After Installation
  • Won’t Drain Much Battery of the Target Device
  • Doesn’t Expose or Leak the Data of the Target Device to Third Party Users

Some Other Solutions for Hacking into a FB Account Without Knowing the Password

Apart from using dedicated applications and spyware for hacking into someone’s Facebook account. There are several other methods to achieve this.

But for this method, you have to be quite tech-savvy and should have perfect knowledge of coding. There have been other vulnerabilities in the past, but Facebook has nearly resolved most of them.

However, we will discuss a couple of methods that are still simple and can be learned.

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Staging a Phishing Attack

Phishing is, or at least was once, the most common form of hacking online accounts.

A hacker sends a fake page link to his target user to get the required information. The page looks exactly like the Facebook login page. Plus, most people don’t look over other details such as domain name and SSL certificate and punch in their details quickly.

A user can look at certificate details to check the type of certificate like GlobalSign,
Comodo positiveSSL wildcard, RapidSSL,etc. When a user clicks on a padlock, he
can find important certificate issuing information, which tells him to stay or leave the


Once the user presses the sign in button, the login information is sent to the hacker via a message. Without the target user even knowing about it. It looks like a normal technical malfunction or page loading fault. But the hacker gets the login credentials.

Social Engineering

This might sound a little childish. But you can still try to guess out the password of the target user if you know certain details about them.

Many people use their common details such as mobile number, date of birth, nick name, pet’s name or any similar detail as a password. Which is mostly easy to guess.



If you get lucky, you can hack into someone’s Facebook account with this method. However, that is still very unlikely.

Plus now you know the reason why keeping a strong password is always suggested.


Facebook is constantly checking for vulnerabilities in their platform, and that’s why traditional hacking methods don’t work anymore for spying. You need to get the right application with the right features to hack into someone’s Facebook account.

Spyic and Cocospy are the most trusted and leading spyware platforms which can help you with fulfilling your requirements. Such apps are not only helpful for parents, and adults, but they can also help employers track the behavior and any obtrusive behavior of their employees.

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