10 Best Shortly AI Alternatives: Find Your Perfect AI Writing Companion

We live in a world where human intelligence and AI co-exist. These two are empowering each domain and taking efficiency and creativity to new heights. One such AI-powered tool is Shortly AI. Designed to help humans generate cohesive, contextually relevant, and informative text, Shortly AI was doing a great job until the landscape of AI technology evolved.

Now, we get to see multiple other tools that bring their unique strengths to the table. If you have used Shortly AI in the past and were thinking that nothing could be better than this, you need to check out this post about the top 10 best Shortly AI alternatives.

#1 – HIX.AI

The best Shortly AI alternative has to be HIX.AI, as this is more than a mere content generation technology. It’s a complete AI technology suite that you can use to create, update, format, customize, and upscale the content.

There are separate technologies for creating content, editing it, and polishing it. Hence, users have great assistance at their disposal with HIX.AI featured on Toolify.

It’s designed for a global audience and can help them master the very niche, include the latest insights in the data, and deliver 100% original content. Whether you’re a small-scale marketing agency that needs small copies or a huge academic writing firm, HIX.AI can help each of you with the same ease and perfection.

We loved the fact that it strategized its writing capabilities for each subscription. For instance, you can generate up to 25 long-form articles with its Pro subscription, while this limit is up to 50 articles with an unlimited subscription.

Its writing capabilities are beyond simple writing. You can generate Facebook campaigns, create answers to questions, translate text, write testimonials, create scripts, produce hashtags, and do so much more. As there is a free trial, we strongly recommend you try it once and understand what you’re missing until now by sticking to Shortly AI.

Better Than Shortly AI At

  • Global language support as it can write in 50 languages, whereas Shortly AI is limited to 25 languages.
  • Update information. Unlike Shortly AI, which is based on GPT-3.5 and can’t provide information beyond 2021, HIX.AI’s AI model is highly updated and can help you include yesterday’s details in the text.
  • Subscription fronts, as there are multiple options to choose from. You can go for a free trial, Basic, Pro, and Ultimate subscriptions. Each subscription is designed to meet the needs of different business segments.


  • Data privacy is of top-grade
  • Dedicated Chrome Browser extension is offered
  • It can write up to 300 articles


  • 1-Click Google Doc export is not available in the Free Trial

Check the comparison chart between HIX.AI and ShortlyAI

HIX.AI ShortlyAI
Pricing $19.99-$129.99/mo $79/mo
Language Model GPT-3.5/4 GPT-3
AI Writing Tools 120+ 2
Supported Languages 50+ 1 (Only English)
Article Rewriter
Video to Article{Convert YouTube videos to text form, plagiarism-free and SEO-friendly articles.} ×
Paraphrasing Tool
Brand Voice ×
Bulk Processing ×
Long-Form Article Writer
Supported Article Types 8 ×
Content Backed by Credible Resources √ (Top Google Search Results, Google News, Amazon Product Pages, …)
SEO-friendly Content Creation ×
Up-to-date Content Creation √ (Backed by up-to-date information online) ×
ChatGPT-Like Chatbot ×
Web Access ×
Image Generation ×
Accessibility Accessible through web app & Chrome browser extension ×
Chat with PDF ×
YouTube Summarizer ×
Webpage Summarizer ×
AI Document Editor
Writing Modes 3 (AI Mode, Chat Mode, Power Mode) 2 (Article/Blog Mode, Story Writing Mode)
1-Click Google Docs Export ×
1-Click WordPress Export Coming Soon ×
Chatbot Assistance ×
AI Writing Templates 120
Integrated AI Availability
Plagiarism Check ×
Grammarly Integration ×
All-in-One Browser Extension ×
Work in Chrome and Edge ×
Work in Social Media √ (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, YouTube) ×
Work in Email √ (Gmail) ×
Work in Google Docs ×
Search Engine Enhancement √ (Google, Yahoo Search, DuckDuckGo, Naver, Baidu) ×
Quick Lookup Toolbar √ (Translate, grammar check, longer, shorter, explain and more) ×
Browser Sidebar √ (HIX.AI ChatGPT sidebar, a a more versatile Bing Sidebar alternative) ×
Chatbot Integrated ×
AI Email Writer ×
Email Templates 20+ ×
Summarize Emails ×
Suggest & Write Replies ×
Accessibility Accessible through web app & browser extension ×
Tones of Voices 13 ×
Supported Languages 50+ English only

#2 – Copy.ai

Our next pick is Copy.ai, which is mainly used to generate copies for businesses of all kinds. By using updated NLP and AI, the tool is a great way to have engaging social media posts, blog articles, marketing campaigns, and other forms of content.

What makes it stand out from the crowd is its ability to support content expansion. You can provide multiple text inputs and upgrade the basic content. As it’s a user-friendly tool, its usage is not at all hectic. Content customization can be done based on tone and style.  

Better Than Shortly AI At

  • Offering marketing copy templates as this is not offered by Shortly AI


  • It can help you generate Whitepapers 
  • Multiple cloud-based deployment options 
  • Stunning visual designs for creating content 



  • Not a good tool for generating long-form content  


#3 – Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai focuses on helping users generate high-quality content for various purposes, especially in the realm of marketing and copywriting. With its help, it’s easy for content generators to enhance the clarity, coherence, and readability of existing content.

When it comes to generating marketing content, it’s hard to beat what Jasper.ai offers. It has AIDA, PAS, and BAB framework for marketing copywriting.

There are professionally designed templates for every form of content that cut down a great deal of content formation time.

Better Than Shortly AI At

  • Templates
  • Generation of long-form content


  • Multiple templates 
  • Quick set-up 


  • Output heavily relies on the quality of the input prompts.

#4 – Snazzy AI

If your focus is on generating social media content, Snazzy AI is a great option as a Shortly AI alternative. It has now become Smart Copy and is now stronger than ever. The tool is great for having content generation ideas, optimizing the content according to SEO, having apt keyword and title suggestions, and even checking whether the content is original.

Its templates are certainly smart, as they can have full-fledged content handy by providing simple inputs. The templates are so detailed that they can help you generate content for email outreach, product descriptions, blogs, landing pages, Facebook ads, and many more. 

Better Than Shortly AI At

  • Content remix as it lets you create multiple versions of a single content piece.
  • Customer support


  • Customizable templates
  • SSL security encryption


  • Only two subscription options


#5 – WordTune

If you need an AI tool that can suggest content ideas and can even fine-tune it; go and grab WordTune. The tool offers spelling check, grammar check, and content flow check assistance. It came into being in the year 2018 and has been going strong since then as a Chrome extension for writing and editing.

As the tool is highly user-friendly, it’s easy for you to improve the quality of written content. Just follow the provided alternative suggestions, and you will have content with enhanced clarity, conciseness, and powerful overall impact.

You have enhanced the vocabulary used in the content using its vocabulary enhancement feature. WordTune can be integrated into various writing platforms, such as web browsers, email clients, and word processors, enhancing its accessibility and usability.


  • Quick edits that save time and effort 
  • Multiple writing tone options are offered 


  • No mobile app support 

#6 – Rephrase.ai

Launched in the year 2020, Rephrase. ai is our next pick is the top Rephrase.ai. While most of its users find it best for generating AI-based video content, we love it for its other capabilities as well.

If you know how to use it, you can easily take its help by giving a face to digital assistants along with creating training videos. It is mainly a text-to-video generation platform that makes video generation a piece of cake. Businesses who need marketing and promotional videos can take it to help you with engaging videos ready in no time.

1500+ businesses have used it already. But, honestly speaking, it lacks content-creating abilities as compared to HIX.AI. The audio quality with this tool is so good because of its audio tuning feature. It supports more than 100 languages. Hence, anyone can use it.

Better Than Shortly AI At

  • Integration as it offers Rephrase AI API


  • Promotes direct text-to-video content creation
  • Uses proprietary generative AI technology
  • Generates a lip-synced video


  • No live support to resolve any urgent technical issue

#7 – ContentBot

At 7th place in our extensive list of top 10 Shortly AI list is ContentBot. It’s one of the most dependable AI tools that we have for all kinds of users. Whether you’re a marketer or a trainer, you can use it for purposes like creating videos, content, blogs, marketing campaigns, and many other forms of content in no time.  

Its content flow feature will help you keep the content relevant to the targeted audiences. It can easily fetch the outputs in the form of CSV files.  

Better Than Shortly AI At 

  • WordPress plugin 
  • Shortform template for outlines and listicles 
  • Specialized e-Commerce content 


  • Drag-n-drop style blog post builder
  • Can write and translate content in more than 100 languages


  • Costly subscriptions

#8 – Kafkai

Kafkai is an AI-driven tool that people use to have SEO-friendly content ready in no time. With its help, it’s easy for you to create blogs, social media content, website copy, and many more kinds of content in no time.

Having the help of Kafkai makes addressing global audience needs easier. It’s because of its ability to translate and generate content in more than 14 languages, including French, Korean, Swedish, Spanish, and many more.

The icing on the cake is its extensive niche support. From beauty to healthcare, you can create content of all sorts with its help. Have doubts about its ability? Check out the provided sample articles that the tool has generated in multiple niches.

Better Than Shortly AI At

  • Creating real-estate content
  • Basic subscription that starts at $1 per month lets you generate 10 articles per month.


  • Supports multiple payment methods
  • Can create up to 1000 articles per month
  • A live chat feature is there


  • The high-end subscription, Professional, is a little higher than the market’s average price range.


#9 – Rewording ai

The Rewording ai is what we will recommend to you next. As a leading AI-based content generator tool, it can help you with tons of jobs, like finding errors, taking content ideas, optimizing the content, translating it to different languages, and many more.

But, it offers more than this. It supports collaborative writing and publishing. It allows you to add genuine internal links to the content of your choice. With its command lines, you can leave comments for editors and other teammates.


Better Than Shortly AI At

  • Collaborative editing and writing
  • Unlimited writer seats



  • Offers multiple free tools, including a subheading generator and content ideas
  • There is a 14-day risk-free trial offered for every subscription.



  • The basic plan allows only 3 writers to work simultaneously


#10 – Grammatica

Grammatica is worth a try when you’re looking for a Shortly AI alternative in 2023. The tool is mainly designed to spot typos and grammatical errors in the content. So, you can use it to improve the content quality. But, we won’t suggest you for content generation and ideas. For this purpose, HIX.AI is the best Shortly AI alternative.  

It provides accurate editing suggestions that you can follow for improved content quality. It makes content review easy with its command line. You can have the app at your disposal after a quick installation process.

Better Than Shortly AI At

  • Grammar edits suggestions


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time error suggestions


  • The app has serious privacy concerns as the text provided is saved.


Best Shortly AI Alternatives – Which One is Your Choice

That’s the end of the post, and as we can see, all these 10 options have gained an edge over Shortly AI on one or more fronts. However, the edge that HIX.AI has gained is commendable. The tool is more than a writing help. It’s a complete content creation suite offering every possible help.

Other than this, the remaining nine options are also worth a try. You can go ahead with the ones that are offering a free trial, as nothing is at stake.