How to Catch Your Husband Cheating

Have you been having suspicious on your husband lately? Is he coming late from work and spending odd hours outside the house?

This suspicion can often lead to stress and sleepless nights for a wife who loves her cheating husband. The added stress combined with the uncertainty that you are right or wrong can often make it hard to survive.

You know it somewhere in your heart that he is probably cheating. You wish there was a way that you could know for sure.

What if I told you how to catch your husband cheating? I can reveal to you a simple trick through which your doubts can be cleared within five minutes.

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Sounds unbelievable, right? You probably have tried everything, but you might not have tried this magical trick and can show you all his cards.

Part 1: How Can You Catch Your Husband Cheating

Catching your husband can be tricky when you don’t know-how. There are so many people who would advise about the same, and believe me, most of these advices are outright stupid.

Many people say that you should confront your husband directly. However, that is just like motivational speech which isn’t really practical in real life.

If your husband is cheating, he will probably straightaway lie when you ask him if he is cheating. Therefore, you need a way that is discreet and never lets him find out that you are spying on him.

Well, you could hire a detective, but we all know how costly they are. Not only that, it can seem impersonal to share your personal life with a third person.

What if I could tell you about something like a personal spying software that you can try on your husband. It will give you all the information you need within minutes. No more sleepless nights for you.

1.1 Spyic – The Spying Wizard That Identifies A Cheater Within Minutes

How can an app identify or catch a cheater? It might seem improbable. Well, once you learn about Spyic, it will be very real and feasible.

Spyic is basically a phone monitoring app that can give you everything from your husband’s social media chats to his calls to his location.

Some of its features include:

Location Tracker

Location tracker gives you the live location of your husband. Not only that, you can even see the recent places he has visited along with time stamps.

Further, you can also set the location perimeter for the device. When your husband crosses these boundaries on the map, you get an alert.


Call Monitor

Spyic keeps a track of all incoming and outgoing calls made by your husband. It will also show you the caller identity, call duration, and the call timing.

Further, you even have the option to record the calls so you know what he is talking about.


Social Media Monitor

Facebook and Instagram are the most common ways that men use to cheat online. These are generally secure since you obviously don’t know his Facebook or Instagram password.

However, with Spyic you do not need his passwords at all. Spyic has inbuilt social media modules. You can now check all his chats like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, and so much more.


Keylogger is my favorite feature of Spyic. It records all the keystrokes that are made by the user. This includes your husband’s Google searches, people he searches on Facebook, and even usernames and passwords.


These are only some of the features that Spyic comes loaded with. To check all of them, you can try out the free Spyic demo here.


1.2 How to Catch a Cheating Husband on His Cell Phone

With Spyic, there are various ways through which you can check your cheating husband within minutes. Follow this guide to setup Spyic for you.

a.) iOS

If your husband uses an iPhone or iPad, you don’t have to install any app on your husband’s phone. All you will need is his iCloud username and password.

Here are the steps to set up Spyic on iOS:

  • Sign up for Spyic and get a subscription plan for iOS.


  • Follow the simple setup wizard. It will guide you through the installation process.
  • Enter the iCloud credentials of your husband.


  • Hit ‘Start’! You are ready to begin monitoring.

b.) Android

If your husband is using an Android phone, you will have to download Spyic app on it. Don’t worry, this app runs in stealth mode. Your husband will never find it on his phone. Only you can evoke it with a secret code.

Not only that, the app size is less than 2 MB so it doesn’t affect the storage space at all. When you wish to uninstall it, you can do it from the Spyic dashboard with one click.

**Beware of apps that claim to monitor Android without any app installation on the target Android phone. These are fall claims and these apps can download viruses into your phone’s system**

Here are the steps to set up Spyic on Android:

  • Sign up for Spyic and get a subscription plan for Android.
  • Follow the on-screen setup wizard.
  • Download and install the Spyic app on your husband’s phone (download link is visible in the setup wizard). Allow any permissions the app requires.
  • Hit ‘Start’! You are ready to begin monitoring.

Catching Husband Cheating Through Spyic Dashboard

Once you have access to the Spyic dashboard, you will find numerous features in the panel. You can use any or all of these features to keep a watch on your husband.

First things first, you should check the photos and videos he has on his phone. Next, look for all the messages that are present on his Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, and any other app that he has.


Check his web browser history as well. And keep an eye on his location periodically.

If your husband has been cheating, there is a good chance that you will find the proof within the photos or chats. However, even if he takes care and cleans his tracks, you might see the evidence in his new locations or new messages.

If there is nothing anywhere, that is good news for you. However, I would suggest that you keep monitoring him for a while (and even after that). After all, you can never be too sure.

1.3 Why Spyic

You might be wondering why I suggested that you use Spyic when there are so many other similar apps on the internet. The reason is pretty simple and straightforward.

While there are many apps who ‘claim’ to be similar to Spyic, there is NOTHING like Spyic. This is because of the customer oriented features it offers and the ingenuity of the creators who used such high end technology.

Here is what makes Spyic so special:

No root or jailbreak

Almost every app in the market which offers features similar to Spyic will require you to root the target Android phone or jailbreak the target iOS phone. However, it can be complicated since it is the target user’s phone and not your own.

Not only that, jailbreaking or rooting a phone compromises the security of the device, making it easy for online criminals to exploit. Therefore, Spyic works without root or jailbreak.

Millions of Users Worldwide

The face that Spyic has millions of users in over 190 countries makes me feel safe when using it. If so many people are trusting Spyic already, why shouldn’t I?

Web-Based Interface

You don’t need to download any app on your phone or computer to track your husband. You can open the Spyic dashboard in absolutely ANY web browser without any app download. All you need is an internet connection.

Cheap Prices

Spyic’s prices are so cheap that when I first saw them, I didn’t believe they were real. However, when I started using it, I found that the prices were really so cheap and there were no hidden charges at all.

Stealth Mode

When you are using Spyic, your husband will never find out that you are monitoring him. This is true no matter what type of phone he uses.

Don’t just wait here. Get Spyic now and see what your husband has in his phone that he keeps so secret.

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Part 2: What to Say to Your Cheating Husband

First of all, before confronting your husband, make sure that you have adequate proof that he is cheating. Check Spyic thoroughly and confront him only when there is enough evidence.

Once you have found out that your husband is cheating, it can be hard to figure out how to confront him. Most women get confused and carry out extreme ways.

Some women take it too hard that they resort to violence on their husband or self harm. Others keep too quiet that they face mental health problems due to passive aggression.

Therefore, it is a good idea to find a balance between the two. When you confront your husband, you should tell him straight away that you know he has been cheating. You can even tell him the name of the person he is cheating with (if you know the name) so he believes that you know.

Once you do, listen to what he has to say for himself (he probably won’t have much other than the same old excuses). Take some time to yourself.

Figure out if you really want to be in that relationship or not. If you do not, it is a good idea to take time away. You can reconcile later on if that is an option.

If you wish to stay in the relationship, it is okay to give second chances. People are prone to making mistakes but are also open to making amends.

However, if you do give him a second chance, always monitor his activities through Spyic. Although, you should always avoid telling him that you are monitoring him through Spyic. This makes sure that he doesn’t modify his cheating behaviour and find new ways to cover his tracks.

Hurry Up Before It is Too Late

In any case, if you doubt that your husband is cheating, Spyic is your best friend that you need to turn to. There is nothing and no one better for help. It is the only way through which you can know for sure.

If you are already suspicious, I suggest you get Spyic today and find out. There is nothing more vicious than lingering doubts.

Thank me later!

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