How to View Private Instagram

Instagram takes user privacy very seriously. All users are able to lock-down their account to make it inaccessible to the general public. Unfortunately, that presents a major roadblock for you when you want to view someone’s private Instagram account.

So how do you view a private Instagram profile? Whatever you do, don’t use one of the many private Instagram viewer websites you’ll find online! These sites are nothing but scams. They don’t work as advertised and cost a pretty penny to boot.

To help you out, we list 3 legitimate and highly effective methods with which to view someone’s private Instagram profile. The methods are arranged from the most reliable to the least.

Part 1: How to View a Private Instagram Account

Spyic is the most reliable way to view a private Instagram account. Spyic is a well-known, top-rated phone spy app. After it’s installed, it allows you to remotely view someone’s Instagram account.

Spyic is compatible with all the latest Android and iOS devices. It’s discreet and can be set up very quickly.

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1.1: Spyic: The crème de la crème of remote monitoring programs

What kind of Instagram activity can Spyic track? The app shows you almost everything the target gets up to on their Instagram account:

  • Read messages: Spyic will record private individual and group messages and share them with you.
  • Read deleted messages: What happens if the person deletes a certain message they don’t want anyone else to see? Spyic backs up all messages to its private servers. That means you’ll always have access to messages – even the deleted ones!
  • View Instagram photos: What pictures has the person uploaded to Instagram or sent to someone privately? Spyic can show you.
  • See media files: Besides photos, Spyic is also capable of tracking videos and audio files.
  • Access timestamps: Every message will have a timestamp tacked on to it. That way, you’ll know when a particular conversation happened.
  • Check contacts: Who’s following your target on Instagram? Spyic gives you contact details, including display pictures, phone numbers, email addresses, job information, location, and more!


1.2 You can set up Spyic faster than you can make a cup of tea

The best part about Spyic is that it’s very easy to set up. You can have the program up and running in a matter of minutes:

Step 1: Sign up for a Spyic account. You can use your email ID as the username.

Step 2: Pick your Spyic monthly subscription. You can choose the Premium version if you want to monitor Instagram activity on one device or Family/Corporate for multiple devices.

Step 3: You’ll be provided with step-by-step setup instructions. Choose your target platform: iOS or Android. For iOS, you can set up Spyic completely remotely, without any software download. For Android, you have to install a tiny 2MB app.

Step 4: Spyic will now sync with the target device. That’s it! You can now view the target’s Instagram activity from the dashboard. Look for the “Social Apps > Instagram” option in the selection menu on the left.


**Please note: If the target is using an Android device, you can’t view their Instagram profile without a software install. If any service or app claims it works without a software install, they are lying to you. It could be a scam or phishing attempt!**

1.3 Bonus: Spyic is your ticket to someone’s Instagram credentials

Of course, as powerful as Spyic is, it’s not quite the same as having complete access to someone’s Instagram account. When, you know, you have someone’s Instagram username and password!

If you have someone’s Instagram credentials, you’ll be able to log in to their account directly. Then, not only will you be able to see their Instagram activity first-hand, but you can also control their whole account.

Believe it or not, Spyic can offer your target’s Instagram credentials on a silver platter! How? With its keylogger utility! It has a built-in keylogger that records every keystroke being made on the target device.

When your target types in their Instagram username and password, Spyic will record the details and send them to you! Of course, this method is riskier and less stealthy than using Spyic’s Instagram Spy feature.

1.4 A million people globally depend on Spyic

With Spyic, you know you’re getting your money’s worth. The app offers amazing features. It’s also a very dependable app in general:

  1. Parents and employers worldwide depend on Spyic

Spyic is used by a million people in over 190+ countries from around the world. Parents and employers rely on the app to monitor their respective charges. The app was designed to be a one-stop parental control and employee monitoring solution.

  1. Spyic works without jailbreak and root

One of Spyic’s most noteworthy features is that it can access Instagram without rooting or jailbreak. There are very, very few apps out there that can do the same. If you don’t have to root/jailbreak, you don’t void the device warranty.

Also, rooting and jailbreaking are complex processes. If they go wrong, the device may stop working. A jailbroken or rooted device is vulnerable to malware. It’s best if you use a non-jailbreak, non-root solution like Spyic.

  1. It offers a full feature set

Spyic not only works without jailbreak or root, but it also offers a full feature set! You can use the app to check call logs, messages, locations, social media apps, browser history, and calendar events, among other things.

  1. It is a very cost-effective solution

You won’t have to empty your savings account to use Spyic. In fact, a Premium Spyic subscription only costs as much as a lunch sandwich. With other spy apps on the market, you have to pay several times as much.

  1. Your target won’t ever find out

When you view someone’s Instagram account, you don’t want them finding out. That could get you into trouble. Fortunately, Spyic is one of the stealthiest apps ever made. The app works 100% discreetly, never putting you at risk of discovery.

The 2MB Android version of Spyic can be hidden. The app icon can’t be seen either in the drawer or in the installed apps list. The app itself runs in the background without draining the phone battery or slowing the phone down.

The iOS version of Spyic works completely remotely, independent of the device itself. It’s a web-based app. Consequently, it can’t be detected by the device user at all!

Want to see Spyic in action before you try it? Take a look at the Live Demo!

  1. You can control Spyic remotely

Once you have Spyic installed, you’ll be able to use the program from any web browser. That means you can use any PC or smartphone to control Spyic and view someone’s Instagram use. Additionally, if necessary, you can also remotely install Spyic with 1 click!

Part 2: How to View Private Instagram Profiles

The second method with which you can view someone’s private Instagram is with the help of Google. What you need to do is find the username of your target on Instagram. You can then use this information to search for them on Google.

How do you find the target’s Instagram username? Visit Instagram, log in to your profile, and then visit the profile of the person you’re interested in. Their username will be shown to you along with their public picture. The rest of the information will be private.

You can then enter the username on Google to search for information about the target. Instagram wasn’t always as private as it used to be. If the profile has been around for a while, you will still find old photos of the target on Google.

Google can also dig up linked social media profiles, web pages, forum activity, schools, and other publicly available information about the target.

2.1 Unfortunately, Google can’t find everything

While you may be able to dig up plenty of information about your target via this method, it’s not the most reliable method. Google can’t show you everything.

If the target takes their privacy seriously, they will have cleaned up their online presence and made sure not to leave any digital footprints. Consequently, you may not be able to see anything online. 

Part 3: Private Instagram Viewer

The third way to view someone’s private Instagram profile is by creating a fake profile yourself and getting them to add you. If the fake profile is attractive enough, they are bound to fall for this ploy.

What do we mean by “attractive enough”? If the target is male, you could create a fake profile with a girl’s name. Use a beautiful photo as the display picture. The target may accept a friend’s request from a beautiful girl.

The fake profile method isn’t reliable

Of course, people aren’t stupid. Scammers commonly use the trick we described ago to get people to fall for them online and then robbing them of their savings. Your target may be aware of this. ‘

They may not accept a friend’s request from a stranger, no matter how beautiful.


As you can see for yourself, using Google or creating a fake profile to view someone’s private Instagram profile doesn’t always work properly. Viewing private profiles isn’t as easy as going onto your SMM panel and monitoring social media activity.

Spyic makes for the most dependable and effective private Instagram viewer. You can set up Spyic very quickly and immediately start monitoring someone’s Instagram activity. The app is powerful, user-friendly, discreet and affordable.

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