10 Best Instagram Hacker Apps in 2021

Want to know why your kids are spending so much time on instagram? Or it may be your soulmate, employees or even your parents.

The internet is filled with suspicious people and malicious software. It is better to prevent your loved ones from becoming their target. Rather than dealing with post-tragedy damages.

Whether it’s your young kid you want to keep a check on. Or your loved partner, whom you suspect cheating on you. Hacking instagram has myriad reasons for different individuals.

A lot of people vie to peek into the instagram accounts of other people That’s why there are a ton of Instagram Hacker Apps available on the internet.

However, not each one of them is exceedingly robust and effective. Plus different people have different level of computer skills. So such an app should also be easy to use.

To help you overcome this problem, we scoured the internet to find the 10 best instagram hacker apps.

The Best Instagram Hacker App: Spyic

Spyic is an undetectable parental control and remote monitoring application, which has a ton of different features including the Instagram spy. It is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

The app is used globally by more than a million people in 190 countries. The app is reliable to the extent that the company claims a 96% renewal rate with its existing users.

spyic banner

Spyic gives you access to the instagram data and activities of the target device. Including access to chat-log updates in real-time. So you can know who and what your child/partner is talking about.

The dashboard of Spyic is intuitive and easy to use. You can access all the pictures posted in a private account, and all of the multimedia files of the target user.

You can check out the Spyic live demo page here >>


What Makes Spyic the No.1 Instagram Hacker

Spyic is a reliable and robust spying solution. The app works silently in the background, without giving the slightest clue to the target user.

The best part of using Spyic is that it doesn’t require a user to root the target Android device even when monitoring third party social media apps. Spyic’s innovate and unique technology makes it capable of bypassing the rooting process.

It is a widely appraised, and undoubtedly one of the most popular Instagram hacking apps for the job. The software is exceptionally secure and guarantees the safety of the target device.

Another great feature that makes Spyic stand out from the crowd is its commendable customer support. Their representatives give prompt replies to emails and calls for assistance, which is a feature most other companies lack.

Furthermore, Spyic consumes battery and memory resources wisely. It doesn’t drain much battery out of the target device, so other functions don’t get compromised.

It allows you to check incoming and outgoing private text messages with timestamps. Plus you can also access contacts, profile pictures and multimedia files uploaded to the Instagram account. So you may keep track of almost every activity done by the target user over Instagram.


The software also lets you download the chat logs and print them. In case you’re planning to use them as proof.

Spyic also gives you a chance to experience the software using their live demo feature. Which most other apps don’t.

It is available in different economically viable packages, so you can choose the one that suits you the best.

How Does Spyic Work to Hack Instagram

Spyic uses two different features to let you access the Instagram data of the target device. These are:

  • Android Keylogger: The keylogger records the keystroke inputs made on the target device, and deduces their pattern to find login credentials and other text details. The keylogger can help you read passwords, text messages, locations, and many other details for concurrent spying.


  • Instagram Spy: This feature presents you with a real-time chat screen representation of the target device. Moreover, you can view contacts, profile pictures, and access multimedia files uploaded to the Instagram account.

Want to dig more about Spyic? Why not sign up to have a try, or check its live demo here.

The Most Economical Instagram Hacker App: Cocospy

cocospy-boxIf you’re looking for a good budget software for Instagram hacking, Cocospy is your answer. Cocospy is a complete spying software with a lot of additional features other than hacking Instagram.

You can either spy on a target Instagram account, or even hack it. The software gives you two different methods to achieve these goals.

Cocospy grants you access to all the messages(with timestamp), pictures and multimedia files of the target Instagram account. You can use the Instagram spying feature in conjunction with other apps, to track overall activities off the target user.

On the other hand, say your kid is quite stubborn and requires a more strict treatment. You can use the keylogger feature of Cocospy, to gain the login credentials of the Instagram account.

What Makes Cocospy Unique for Instagram Spying?

Cocospy has a unique and easy mechanism for gaining access to the target device.

But Most importantly, using any feature of the software does not require you to root the target phone. Which is a drawback in almost every other spying application

Cocospy is completely legal and is used by millions of users around the world. So you can rest assured about is reliability and performance.

Cocospy also lets you test their interface and functions through their live demo.

Some Notable Features of Cocospy

  • No Root or Jailbreak: Cocospy does not require you to root or jailbreak the target device. This is a sigh of relief for many, since rooting a target device can be a real pain.
  • Undetectable: Cocospy application is extremely stealthy and undetectable. The Android version of the application works in the background, with a minimal resource footprint. Plus the iOS application is completely web-based
  • Reliable: It is a highly trusted and reliable monitoring application. It is used by millions of users worldwide. Plus, it gives you full access to the target device, thus letting you use other features.

Part 3: Spyier

spyier boxSpyier is a very renowned player in the spyware industry. The software is simple, and allows access to Instagram messages, pictures and multimedia.

The company has been around in the market for quite some time, and offers a rather cheap and very basic spying software.

If your intent is just to hack the Instagram data on a target device, you may want to go with Spyier.

But it only has some basic functions, so it doesn’t deliver very good value for money.

It does have a call recording and surroundings recording feature for Android device, which is something worth caring about.

Spyier also requires you to root the target device if you need to hack someone’s Instagram without password.

But monitoring of this app is limited mostly to social apps, so you might face problems tracking other activities. Additionally, Spyier also doesn’t have any dedicated customer support service, so you may find yourself ‘stuck’ in certain situations.

Part 4: Phonespector


Phonespector is another prominent player in this industry. This Instagram hacking app offer spying solutions for both Android and iOS. With it, you can easily hack Instagram password.

The company has recently introduced an upgraded Instagram spying feature. Earlier, the software used to present snippets of Instagram messages, whereas now you can have access to full threads.

The app has almost all the features a good spying application must possess. However, what pulls them down is their interface and customer support. And it requires you to root the target phone if you want to monitor Instagram.

The customer support from Phonespector is not really up to the mark. Plus it requires rooting the target android device for spying.

You can gain access to Phonespector with a one time fee of $69. But unfortunately, there are no budget or monthly plans available.

Part 5: Minspy Global

Minspy Global is a deliberately designed Instagram hacking app, with an enticing dashboard. The application works only for Android devices, and it works fairly well for them.

However, if you have an iOS target device, this application will not suit you. The control panel displays the 10 most dialed calls made on the target device, along with some other metrics. Such as photos, SMS, locations, social media activities, and others.

Overall, the app gives you a brief overview of what the target user is up to. The application has a lot of features, similar to other cell phone spying applications.

As for the features, Minspy Global has two versions. The basic version is free, whereas the pro version has a monthly fee.

However, the basic version has too many ads, and its readily prompts the user for buying the pro version. Minspy Global also requires you to root the target device to use it, which can be a tedious task.

On the other hand, some users also complained that they couldn’t uninstall the application from the target device. Which is a fair concern.

Part 6: SpytoMobile

SpytoMobile as another very reliable Instagram hacker app, with a simple interface. The app gives you access to data like call history, contact lists, SMS, locations, and social media messages.

The SpytoMobile application allows you to monitor multiple devices at a time. Up to 1000 to be exact. So it may be a good option if you’re planning to spy on your employees.

The app doesn’t require the target phone to be always connected to the internet. Instead, it packs up all the data, and uploads it to the SpytoMobile servers when an internet connection is found.

The application also has a demo feature, which can be accessed on their website.

Coming to the drawbacks, the SpytoMobile application works only for Android devices. So if your target device is iOS, you need to find a different application. Plus it also lacks on several other important features like keylogger and geofencing.

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Part 7: Hellospy

Hellospy is a useful Instagram hacker app you can try. But you are supposed to root or jailbreak the target phone if you’d like to hack an Instagram account with Hellospy.

The software includes a wide variety of features including call tracker, SMS tracker, location tracker and much more.

The data of the target device is fairly secure with this application, Plus the control panel is also easy to use. You don’t have to possess advanced computer skills to use the software.

The cheapest HelloSPY subscription will cost you $19.99 for a month. There are also packages for three months, six months and one-year use.

Apart from Instagram, this software also allows you to hack other social media apps including Facebook and WhatsApp. This allows you to keep an eye over your kids/employees/partner and their activities over social media.

However, the software does have a drawback. You need to install the software manually on other devices. Plus it is a bit expensive compared to other software on the market.

Part 8: Fonemonitor

Fonemonitor is a feature-packed spyware application, especially for Instagram. It has a couple of extra features that other spyware lack.

The social media tracker of Fonemonitor allows you to track five social media applications at once. It lets you take screenshots of the Instagram home page, and Instagram Direct chat history frequently. So, hacking Instagram account with Fonmonitor is not a problem.

Whenever your target device commits any activity on Instagram, you’ll receive a notification.

Fonemonitor also allows you to block an application. The toggle button in application sections allows you to block Instagram if you feel that your kids must focus on studies rather than Instagram.

Additionally, you can also set the schedule of toggling these apps on and off, for specific periods of time. This is a unique feature with Fonemonitior which most other apps don’t feature.

However, on the contrary, some time-eating applications like youtube are not available in the applications menu. Plus the app activity tracker is helpful but not so accurate.

The software does have a clean and intuitive interface, but it will burn a hole through your pocket because of its high price.

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Part 9: Spybubble

Spybubble offers a wide range of spyware features, especially the Instagram hacker capability. The application lets you track Instagram photos, messages, and other actions, right away from the control panel on your phone.

The Instagram photo tracking feature is essential for many users, as it lets you know what pictures are being shared.

The software can be installed on most devices, regardless of their operating system version. So no matter if the target is using the latest or outdated OS, you can still sneak into their Instagram.

Apart from the ease of use and compatibility, the software has some cons as well. Spybubble has a lot of unsatisfied customers due to their poor customer support.

The app does work real simple, but if you get stuck onto something. There are slight chances that your call will be answered.

Part 10: TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy Instagram hacker app scores 10/10 on compatibility and ease of use with devices. The Instagram hacking feature of the application allows you to monitor messages and media on the target device.

Other than that, the application also has some meticulous features which include files control and management, social media tracking, call tracking and others. So it is not difficult to hack Instagram with TheTruthSpy.

The dashboard interface of the software looks more like the cpanel of a hosting program. The information is not very cluttered, but you still have to peen your eyes to find the right link.

The software requires you to root the target device, which is certainly a drawback. Since rooting is not that easy to perform. Plus that too on someone else’ device.

The software includes indispensable functionalities for hacking Instagram, but it remains limited to just a few functions. Additionally, the company also doesn’t have very prompt customer support, so you are mostly on your own.

What Aspects Should Be Kept in Mind Before Choosing an Instagram Hacker App

Before you choose an Instagram hacker application, you must take note of certain points that will improve your overall spying experience. These include:


A good Instagram hacker app must be versatile. It shouldn’t be limited to tracking and spying over Instagram. But it should also have the right set of features to serve multiple requirements. The more extra features an app has, the better.

Ease of Access and Reliability

Such an app should be easy to access, and intuitive. So even the most novice computer users can take advantage of it. Additionally, the software should be reliable and must ensure data security of the target device.


A spying app must offer an economical and pocket-friendly package to help you save some money. It doesn’t mean that cheaper apps are always better. But you have to assess the pricing based upon your budget and requirements.


Hacking Instagram is a desperate requirement for parents and employers. You need to keep an eye over your children, to prevent them from any imminent threats arising due to social media.

There are a ton of different Instagram hacker apps on the internet, however, most of them require you to root or jailbreak the target device.

However, the first two applications mentioned in this article eliminate this problem, and also offer a multitude of other features.

Moreover, having prompt customer support is also essential, in case you get stuck with any function of the software.


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