Instagram Password Hack: An Ultimate Guide in 2019

Looking out for an Instagram password hack? If yes, just read this article carefully! You will find that many solutions are available for this purpose. However, certain apps are most effective, simple, and powerful for hacking the Instagram password.

If you are wondering why someone might want to hack Instagram password, there are several reasons. One might want to see his/her partner’s online activities. Parents might want to ensure the online safety of their teenagers. Whatever the reason, here is how to do it!


Part 1: How to Hack Instagram Password

If you are exploring the best solutions to hack Instagram password, we recommend using a spy app. Phone monitoring apps use powerful software to help you access Instagram messages, social media activities, call logs, etc. One of the best such apps is Spyic.

Spyic is very user-friendly and simple yet one of the most advanced spy apps. Spyic app is not only very secure, safe, trusted, and reliable but also very popular. It has been featured by many famous media outlets globally.

The most important thing is that the Spyic app has millions of satisfied users in more than 190 countries worldwide. The reason for Spyic’s popularity is its hassle-free operation and advanced features. Let us know more about the app and how you can use it.

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1.1 Spyic: Your Secret Weapon To Get Into Any Instagram Account

Spyic app has a built-in Instagram spy feature. You can use this feature to see all incoming and outgoing direct messages on Instagram. What’s more, you can also use the Spyic app to see the media files exchanged through the app. You can also see any links that are shared.

Thus, Spyic has pretty advanced Instagram monitoring features. Be informed that most of the spy apps permit advanced features only after rooting or jailbreaking the target. However, Spyic allows even social media monitoring without root/jailbreaks. Thanks to cutting edge technology!


There’s also another way to hack Instagram password using Spyic. You will find an inbuilt keylogger in the Android version of the Spyic app. But, what is a keylogger? A keylogger is advanced software which logs and notes all data that the target types.

Using this feature of the Spyic app, you can capture all usernames and passwords. This functionality is crucial, especially for developers and marketers who rely on referral tracking to gauge how users find and utilize these security solutions. This includes the credentials of the various social media and other accounts used on the target phone. This happens whenever the user presses the concerned keys on the keyboard.

After the activation of the Spyic app on the target device, all logs recorded by the keylogger could be accessed. Now you can easily hack the password of the Instagram account. Once this is done, you can log right in and see all the activities in this account.

You can check its live demo to see how it works.

1.2 How to Hack Instagram with Spyic

Now we will explore and learn how one can hack Instagram with the Spyic app stepwise. Unlike the other spy apps, it is not a complex process at all when using Spyic! To use the Spyic app is very simple as the installation takes less than 5 minutes.

Just follow the following steps one by one to hack Instagram by using Spyic app in no time.

Step-1: First create a new account on the Spyic official website. Just ensure you remember the username and password chosen.spyic-sign-up

Step-2:  Select the type of operating system running on the target device. If it is Android, then download and install the Spyic Android app on the target phone. It is very lightweight and will take less than 2M space. Just allow all the permissions required.finish-installation

Note that it is not possible to hack Instagram on an Android phone without installing a spy app first. If you ever see an app that claims to work without installation, it is misleading you. It is best to stay away from such malicious apps as they can compromise your own security.

When the target device is iOS you need not install anything on the phone. Just have the iCloud credentials of the target account with you. Allow the Spyic app to sync all data which can take some time depending on the state of the network. verify-icloud-id-guide

You can remotely hack the data using any browser as the Spyic iOS solution is cloud-based. Undoubtedly, this app will work discreetly and keep you shielded from the target.

Step-3: After setting up everything and completing data synchronization you can begin to hack Instagram password. You no longer need access to the Android phone now. Now, from your own remote device you may log in to your Control panel.spyic-dashboard

Proceed to your Dashboard and click on ‘Instagram’. Be informed that the dashboard has many options. Here we are focusing on tracking Instagram activity and thus choosing this very option. You can monitor all direct messages on this screen. You can also see any links that are shared.

Now, click on the ‘Keylogger’ option and you will see the logs of all keypresses. Look out for the Instagram password and username. Once you have these details, you can easily log in to the Instagram

The best thing is the Android app is so well designed that it consumes minimal battery on the target. The app icon will be automatically deleted after the installation completed. This app uses stealth technology so that the app makes itself invisible.

Another incredible thing is that you can remotely and easily uninstall this app. All you need to do is just use one click whenever you want from your Control Panel. It is highly recommended to use the Spyic app. For more details, you can check out the Spyic live demo on this link.

Part 2: How to Hack Instagram Password Free

Are you finding it difficult to hack Instagram password free? Just use the powerful and secure Cocospy app for this purpose. This wonderful app is loaded with advanced features and is yet very simple to use.

The best thing about the Cocospy app is that jailbreaking and rooting the target device is not needed. Several spy apps will only let you monitor Instagram direct messages after rooting. However, Cocospy is different and unique.

Millions of customers are highly satisfied with the Cocospy app around the world. The app is very safe and lightweight. That’s why it is highlighted as one of the best spy apps by the world’s top media houses.cocospy-instagram-spy

2.1 How Can Cocospy Help You Hack Instagram Password?

To hack Instagram password and track Instagram activities, Cocospy might be the best option. The app can access all messages and media files exchanged on Instagram. The built-in ‘Instagram-Spy’ feature also shows all links that are exchanged.

You will also be able to see who is sending messages and when. All messages are time stamped and can be seen in real-time. You can also save the conversations that you feel are important. This can help you quickly reference them later.

Another aspect is the keylogger that comes with the Cocospy Android app. The keylogger will capture all key presses on the target phone. When the user logs in to Instagram, the tracker will capture the Instagram password too. You can obtain the passwords easily and login yourself.

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 2.2 How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Password for Free

Amongst all Instagram password hacks, Cocospy is the easiest one to use. You will be able to install it in minutes. When you are done, you can even uninstall the app remotely. You will no longer need physical access to the phone to do that.

What’s more, for an iOS device, installation is not needed when using Cocospy. This is because it is based on a unique cloud-based solution. When using the Cocospy iOS solution, you can select your favorite browser to access all data.

To start hacking Instagram, make a free account on the Cocospy official website. If the target device runs Android, install the Cocospy Android app. Allow the app all permissions and it will start working in stealth mode. The app icon will be automatically deleted.

Cocospy has been designed to work as discreetly as possible. It will silently work in the background and track all activities. The app does not consume a lot of battery as well. All this allows the app to run quietly and go unnoticed.

Now it is time to log on to your Control Panel. Next, click on the ‘Instagram’ option to see various media activities on the target device. You can also proceed to the keylogger section to obtain the Instagram password. Once you have that, you can log on to the account.

2.3 How Can Cocospy Android Keylogger Capture Instagram Password?

Generally, the keylogger is not an integral part of most of the spy monitoring apps. Hence, it needs to be downloaded separately. Do you know that the Cocospy app has a built-in keylogger app?

Now, the question is how this keylogger software really works. Actually, the keylogger is an app that captures everything as it is typed by the target user on the keyboard. Simply enough, the target user will type the password of his/her Instagram account on the phone.

The password would now be captured. By using the Cocospy app, you can see the Instagram username and password remotely on your dashboard. After getting the details of the account you can monitor all the Instagram activities of the target user.

It’s not just for Instagram, though. The capabilities of the keylogger extend much more. Using the keylogger feature, you can hack the passwords of any social media platform. You can also log on to email accounts of the target discreetly and easily.cocospy-android-keylogger

Part 3: Instagram Password Hack Online

Using an online solution has its merits too. There is no need for installing any app. However, many such solutions are either illegal or too complicated to use. Worst of all, some of these contain malicious code that can put your own security at stake.

Hacking someone’s Instagram account can be very difficult if you do not use an app like Spyic or Cocospy.bruteforce-instagram

3.1 Online Solutions to Hack Instagram Password

In this section, we will see some online Instagram hacking tools that function as an Instagram password hack. We still highly recommend choosing Spyic or Cocospy over these as these are foolproof ways that will always work. is one of the online Instagram password hack systems. It is used by just filling the account username of the person you want to hack. The steps to hack the Instagram password online involve first visiting the website.instagram-hacking-tool

Click the “Start Hack” button to begin the hacking process. It will divert you to the hacking page. Now fill the target phone user’s Instagram username. When this is done, tap on the “check account” button. This will verify whether the username is active or has been deactivated.

After verification, to start the hacking process, click the “Click here to continue” button. You can now download the details of the hacked account. Finally, check the downloaded file and note the login details of the target user. Note that such files can contain viruses too.

The most secure way to hack Instagram password is to use the keylogger functionality. This comes built into the Spyic and Cocospy apps.

Part 4: Hack Instagram Password with Username

If there’s one piece of information you can easily see by visiting any Instagram profile, it has to be the username. The username or the Instagram handle uniquely identifies each user on Instagram. There are websites and tools that claim to hack Instagram using the username.

Instahack is one such utility. You can use it to hack someone’s Instagram password in a discreet manner. The website claims to hack any public or private account. You need to visit the website and select the “Start Hacking” button. Now fill the username of the target person.

Click on the “Hack” button to start the hacking process. Similarly, Instahax0r is another such tool. Once you visit the website, you can enter the username and begin the process.

The biggest problem with these online solutions is that they are mostly laden with ads. Also, you will find that a lot of them simply don’t work all the time. If you need a solution that is guaranteed to work every time you use it, there’s nothing to beat Spyic.


Want to know an Instagram password hack? Well, we discussed several ways in this article. The most simplistic way is to use either Spyic or Cocospy for this purpose. You can use these apps to obtain Instagram messages remotely.

What’s more, the apps also feature the keylogger which logs all usernames and passwords. This is the most powerful way to hack an Instagram password. You can also use online solutions and websites but they are not very secure.

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