10 Best WhatsApp Hacking Tools in 2021

The world is running at a very fast speed. The advancement in technology has touched the sky now. Every day a new product or technology is being launched in the market. One over the other with better features and techniques!

WhatsApp is one of the common applications which everyone uses nowadays. Parents often prefer to monitor their child’s WhatsApp account to ensure that they are protected from any unwanted trouble.

For doing so there are many applications which can help parents to do so. WhatsApp accounts can be tracked. There are various WhatsApp hacking tools available in the market to help people.

But before using such applications we have to be careful and sure about the application. As there are various products which are corrupted and carry malware. This can harm your system, so always bet for the most trusted sites.

10 Best WhatsApp Hacking tools in 2019

Let us go through some of the best WhatsApp hacking software, which will help you in monitoring what you’re loved ones are up to:

Part 1: Spyic – Your Secret Spying Partner

Spyic is one of the best WhatsApp hacker applications. It has got a variety of features which can be used to monitor anyone’s phone. This application is one of the best in the market right now because of its efficiency and cheap price.

Spyic is an application which allows you or lets you monitor someone’s WhatsApp account. You can view their WhatsApp messages very easily and without them knowing.

The application is compatible on both Android and iOS platforms. The great fact about the application is that they just need 2MB of storage on the device. This makes it much easier to install on the devices.

spyic banner

Spyic on Android devices

No rooting required

Spyic for Android is one of the best application which can be operated on Android devices for spying on WhatsApp account. It enables you to remotely track any Android device from your own browser. The best feature is that for using Spyic on any Android device it does not need to be rooted.

Rooting of the device is highly not required for using Spyic on Android device. This makes it more reliable and efficient to use for the users and also the best Android spy solution without rooting the device.

OS support

Spyic works on all the Android devices with OS 4 and above. WhatsApp works on all the Android devices having an OS 4 or above. Hence Spyic can be operated on all of them without rooting the device.


Installation of Spyic Android app is very easy. As no rooting is required, it can be installed on the device easily within 5 minutes. The process can be initiated by signing up for a Spyic account and following the installation procedures.

Stealth mode operation

Spying on someone’s WhatsApp account needs total coverage. Spyic in Android devices provides that coverage. It works on stealth mode, so the target device can never find that they are being spied on. It works remotely.

Spyic does not interrupt any other application and works in the background without being involved with any other application. Hence by this the target device can never find that they are being monitored.

Spyic for iOS devices

No sort of jailbreaking is required to use Spyic. Except for this, Spyic’s iOS solution doesn’t require you to install any apps on the target device.

Check Spyic’s live demo to see how it works.


How can you spy on WhatsApp using Spyic?

Spyic is the most reliable and efficient WhatsApp hacking tool in the market. But the question here is how does Spyic work with target devices. To know that let us have a look at all the important features it provides.

As soon as Spyic hits the target device, the hacker can start monitoring or Spyic on the target user. This can be started by logging in to the Spyic home screen. Spyic has a column for all the social media which can be spied on. Under that category, we can find WhatsApp as well. All we have to do is

  • Find the social app option on the Dashboard of Spyic.
  • You will see WhatsApp as an option on the selection panel in the left side.
  • Once you reach the option, click on the option and you are all set to monitor the WhatsApp account.

Things you may see when the WhatsApp window opens!!

When the WhatsApp window is opened, we can find the recent messages which has been exchanged. All the chats will be arranged in reverse chronological order.

The best part is each message has a timestamp. So it is very easy to discover when the messages have been sent and received by the target.

Spyic is an application which comes with a lot of features through which we can spy on someone’s WhatsApp. The WhatsApp spy feature offers many other interesting features like:

  • It can be used to get the contact names of any person which is available on the app.
  • It also gives access to view the display picture of the target’s WhatsApp account.
  • Phone numbers and media files which has been exchanged on the app can also be seen. Hence Spyic gives a complete access to anyone’s WhatsApp account.
  • Calls made through WhatsApp and calls received on WhatsApp can also be traced using Spyic.
  • The user interface of Spyic is also appreciable. It gives the user the comfort to use without creating any and confusion.

What if the target deletes any message?

There is no need to worry even if the target deletes any message. Spyic has this special feature of storing the messages or backing them up in real time.

Hence all the WhatsApp activities will be saved before it gets deleted. This makes it easy to access the conversations even if they are deleted by the targeted account.

Why is it safe to use Spyic?

As we know Spyic work for both Android and iOS, but it is nearly impossible for the target to find out that they are being spied on. For iOS devices the application is web-based, hence it can not be detected .

Whereas for Android devices the application works on stealth mode. So it will be running in the background without coming to the notice of the target.

Hence Spyic proves to be active and reliable. It is also one of the most trusted applications. Don’t go by just our words, check the live demo here.

Part 2: Cocospy – The No Root/Jailbreak WhatsApp Hacking App

Cocospy is another top category WhatsApp hacker application. Using this application you can easily hack into anyone’s WhatsApp account and can monitor it. Cocospy allows the user to view all the messages from the device.

One fascinating feature is that even if the phone handler has deleted the messages from their phone still the messages can be seen.

Cocospy is one of the most reliable and ultimate phone spy applications. There are some pros to this application. Let us have a look at the features:

  • It can be used to track SMS and any social application on anyone’s phone.
  • Location can also be tracked using Cocospy.
  • It has a quick installation mode and is also invisible for Android targets. So the person whose phone is being spied on can never realize. No such physical access required for iOS solution.
  • The application does not require any rooting of the device or jailbreak.
  • Various supporting languages.

Cocospy is an application which can attack any phone and can give access to all the data on the phone, especially social media.

Learn more about the features of Cocospy through the live demo!

Why Cocospy is the most reliable spying application?

Cocospy is an application which gives complete access over anyone’s phone. Hence you can be a part of any group. It gives complete access to all the group chats and the contacts saved in the phone. Live chats can be read easily and all the media content can also be downloaded.

Cocospy is one of the best tools to hack because of various reasons. Some of them are:

  • It is absolutely legit.
  • There is no need for a jailbreak or rooting of the target device. For iPhone, the tracking can be simply done via iCloud credentials whereas for Android devices the application can be downloaded in the target phone which takes less than 5 minutes.
  • The information is stored on the dashboard. Even once the target device deletes all the information it will still be visible on the tracking device.

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Part 3: Mobistealth – Stealthy Spying App

Mobistealth is one such software and a WhatsApp spy hacker which will release you from all such pressure. It is an application which will help you monitor the phones of your loved ones.

It is an application which will help in surveillance of the phone. Every activity in the phone can be monitored starting from the WhatsApp texts which they send to the media files as well.


All that Mobistealth can cater:

  • It can monitor calls and texts easily.
  • Emails and locations can also be tracked.
  • Social media accounts such as Facebook and snapchat can be monitored.
  • Chatting apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Line can be viewed.


It is undetectable, hence, the target device will never know about the hacking. But there is a small disadvantage which this application carries.

It can not work on the iOS devices directly. It needs to jailbreak the Apple device. Hence, it does not prove to be completely reliable.

The customer support is not up to the mark. No ready support can be fetched!

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Part 4: Spyier – WhatsApp Hacking Software

spyier boxSpyier is an application which is a lifesaver in case you have damaged your phone and are unable to receive the texts and important information. In such cases, Spyier is very useful.

It is a software which can track your phone. It basically works for both Android and iPhone devices.

Spyier is a hidden spy application which can track the phone through GPS location. Calls, contacts, messages, photos, and social media accounts everything can be tracked using Spyier.

Using Spyier anything which is available on the phone can be accessed. It can be a detail which was stored in the past or detail which is currently available on the phone. However, the user interface is somewhat outdated, which might not be as friendly as one may want.

Part 5: Hoverwatch – WhatsApp Hacker App for Android

Hoverwatch is another application which is used to spy. It is a WhatsApp spy hacker. It has various features. Some of the features of Hoverwatch are:

  • It remains completely invisible. The cell phone tracker allows and helps the application to stay hidden from the user of the device.
  • It gives the most accurate and undetectable data.
  • Text messages, calls and media files everything can be monitored very easily without even getting noticed.
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, and many other social media accounts can be monitored.
  • Provides geolocation feature as well to track the location.

Hoverwatch is an application which also allows hijacking the WhatsApp camera. The application works on a stealth mode and no one can ever find out about the application.

The only drawback is it requires rooting which might not be a viable option. Additionally, it is not compatible with iOS target devices.


Is Hoverwatch reliable?

Hoverwatch is used to spy but it doesn’t prove to be so reliable. This application is not available for iOS platforms. Hence it cannot be used on iOS devices.

Hence it is not advisable to use Hoverwatch when we have many reliable applications like Spyic and Cocospy in the market.

Part 6: iKeymonitor – Ultimate WhatsApp Hacker

Another application which is very reliable for monitoring WhatsApp messages is iKeymonitor. Using this application each and every message which is being sent or received by the device can be monitored and viewed.


It also allows access to the voice notes and the contact details which is present on the device. Apart from that date and time stamps can also be accessed in the target phone using this application.

Screenshots can be taken in the target phone using the WhatsApp camera option. iKeymonitor is one of the most reliable apps people will find in the market. It helps in tracking the phones and monitoring them for safety purposes.

Only drawback is to have access to all the features you would require to jailbreak or root the target device. The rooting and jailbreak features make it less reliable and trustworthy.

Part 7: Minspy Global – Discreet Monitoring App

Minspy Global is a WhatsApp hacking tool but it has fewer features than Spyic and Cocospy and it is not so reasonable.

Minspy Global can be used to track all the WhatsApp messages and activities. This can be easily done through your own control panel and can be accessed anywhere. The messages which are received, sent or deleted all can be viewed from the targeted phone.

Media which has been exchanged over the phone can also be monitored.

In case you are using Minspy Global for hacking the iPhone device, this can be done without physically using the target phone. This can be done simply by using iCloud credentials. But this feature is only available for no jailbreak versions. Whereas if you are using the normal version then the iOS devices need rooting and jailbreak of the device.

 Minspy Global features to consider:

  • The application is completely discreet and untraceable on the target device. WhatsApp can be hacked remotely in an iPhone by using iCloud credentials whereas in an Android phone there is an option for deleting the Minspy Global icon.
  • Phone call assistance services can also be used to install Minspy Global on an Android device.
  • Not only WhatsApp messages, Facebook and other social media applications can also be monitored using Minspy Global.

Hence, Minspy Global can be used to protect your loved ones from the unwanted trouble. Just that, it offers lesser features than Spyic and Cocospy. And Minspy Global requires you to root to monitor WhatsApp messages.

Part 8: Spytomobile – Android WhatsApp Hacking App

Sometimes people lose the WhatsApp messages and chats and they wish to retrieve it. This can easily be done by using Spytomobile application. It is very much used and reliable application in the market. The application is easy to install and has various features which can actually help in retrieving the data and using them again.

After the registration process is done on the website the application Spytomobile is used to track the device remotely. Messages, contact list, locations and calls anything can be tracked easily by using this application.

This application has been developed for Android devices to track and monitor the calls and messages. It’s a WhatsApp hack apps for Android. Spytomobile consists of all the latest technologies for tracking the information. It can get all the data from the phone in a few easy steps.


Spytomobile can be used by the companies in other to monitor their employees. Hence it proves to be very effective and useful for everyone. Especially the companies can use this application to monitor the company owned phones which have been given to the employees and track their activities in order to maintain discipline within the office.

The only challenge is the app is not compatible for iOS device monitoring. Additionally, the Android device needs to be rooted.

Part 9: Spybubble – Password Cracker App

Spybubble is an advanced WhatsApp hacking tool. It is a simple and powerful application. Spybubble is basically cloud-based monitoring and spy software. This application is compatible with various devices such as Windows, MAC and Android operating systems.


Once Spybubble is installed in the target device then it works in a stealth mode, which means it can never be discovered by the target device. And the target user can never find out about their phone being spied. However, note that rooting and jailbreaking of the device is mandatory to access all the features.

This application helps in recording the messages and phone calls. It can also take screenshots using the WhatsApp camera. Other social media accounts can also be monitored using this application.

WhatsApp messages can be read very easily and can be accessed. All this information gets stored in a secured web-based account.

Spybubble and its Multitude of features:

  • Can monitor the messages and chats remotely without anyone knowing about it.
  • GPS tracking function is available for more safety reasons.
  • Call recording is possible via this application.
  • Internet activities can also be monitored. It can track the websites which have been visited by the target device.
  • It can capture everything or every activity which is being performed on the device, including the passwords.
  • It is undetectable by any other devices. Hence it can’t be noticed by any targeted device.

Just that, not all features can be accessed without jailbreaking or rooting. Also, the UI is somewhat outdated and not user-friendly.

Part 10: Guestspy – The Multi Features Tracking App

Guestspy is the sealed application legitimately used to hack WhatsApp in Smartphones. The program adds logs of exercises into your online record.

This application can be used for various purposes such as catching of spouses, employee monitoring and parental control. The solution is available for both Android and iOS target devices.


GuestSpy is the most famous and easy to understand application for looking out for your children, counteracting burglary, and directing your representatives’ presentation. The versatile observing programming runs imperceptibly on the objective gadget to follow all movement. This includes call log history, GPS area, schedule refreshes, instant messages, messages, web history, and substantially more!

All that Guestspy Offers:

  • Reading instant messages
  • Phone calls recording
  • Tracking GPS location
  • Tracking text messages
  • Managing calls
  • Monitoring internet usage
  • Viewing multimedia files
  • Managing address book
  • Spy call and auto answering

Final Verdict

Now you know about the top WhatsApp hacking tools in today’s time. My own suggestion is to use Spyic and Cocospy as it is sensible, dependable and accompanies different amazing highlights. Be that as it may, these are amazing and don't require rooting or jailbreaking the objective telephone.

This gives reasons that disclose to us why wireless observing for kids is an unquestionable requirement for their online security in the present advanced age. The list of the applications which has been given in the article is very much legit. These are trusted and very efficient WhatsApp hacking tools.


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