Spyzie Review

Since the debut of the first iPhone, iPhones have a reputation for being safe and secure. If you are a parent, spouse, or employer, you need a way to spy on an iPhone discreetly. Fortunately, there are iPhone spy apps for this job. 

However, iPhone spy apps are not created equally. Some advanced iPhone spy apps provide reliable service while others require technical know-how to use them. In this post, we will show you why Spyzie is the best spy app for iPhones.  

Spyzie – The most advanced iPhone spy app

As one of the top iPhone surveillance apps, Spyzie has over a million users. The app is available in over 190 countries across the globe and boasts a 96% customer approval rating. Check out the Spyzie homepage for more details. 

It’s no wonder the app has gained media attention from popular outlets like Forbes and CNET. Parents, employers, and spouses trust Spyzie for their iPhone surveillance needs. The app can spy on Android and iOS platforms. 

With Spyzie, users can spy on anything on the target iPhone including installed apps. It is a very powerful and easy app to use compared to most other apps. Spyzie comes with over 30 iPhone surveillance features. 

How does Spyzie work on iPhones?

Spyzie uses the latest surveillance technology to spy on iPhones. The app uses the iCloud backup to spy on iPhones. So, you won’t need physical access to install the app on the target iPhone. 

The design of the app allows anyone with average knowledge about apps to spy on any iPhone. Best of all, no technical skills such as jailbreaking or hacking are necessary to use Spyzie. 

Here are the steps involved: 

Step 1: Visit the official Spyzie homepage and signup for the service. In the process of signing up, you will be able to set up your login credentials. Also, make sure you choose a plan that suits your iPhone surveillance needs. 

Step 2: Configure the target iPhone. You will need the iCloud credentials used on the target iPhone to start spying on its activities. Once you have them, provide and verify. 

Step 3: After setting up the target iPhone, Spyzie will sync your dashboard with the iPhone. When it is done, Spyzie will let you click the Finish button to give you access to your Spyzie dashboard. 

Step 4: In your Spyzie dashboard, you will have access to all the surveillance features. Here Spyzie lets you spy on anything from social text messages, installed apps to calls and contacts. 

The app even lets you spy on the SIM card used on the target iPhone. Spyzie will let you know when the user swaps it for another SIM card. 

Remarkable Spyzie features 

With Spyzie, users have access to virtually unlimited access to the target iPhone. Here are some of its features. 

  1. Spy on phone calls 

One of the most coveted features in Spyzie is the ability to spy on phone calls. The app allows you to spy on all incoming and outgoing calls on the target iPhone. It lets you see the call log including names and phone numbers. 

The app even lets you see the frequently contacted phone number. It shows you the call duration for each recorded call in the call log. Spyzie also gives you access to all the saved contacts on the target iPhone.

  1. Spy on social media apps

Spyzie lets you spy on social media apps and chats. It even lets you spy on text messages on the target iPhone. The app can spy on social media apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat. 

Best of all, Spyzie lets you access deleted text messages. To make this possible, Spyzie backs up all the chats on its server. This way, you will never miss any chat on the target iPhone. 

The app even allows you to access shared attachments. 

  1. Location surveillance 

With Spyzie, you get to spy on the whereabouts of the target iPhone. It provides precise real-time location and GPS coordinates of the phone. What’s more, the feature includes a geo-fence feature that lets you define the device boundary. 

The geo-fence feature allows you to get notifications when the target iPhone crosses the set boundary. This feature is popular with parents who want to know when their children are at all times. 

Also, the app gives you the location history of the target iPhone complete with GPS coordinates and street addresses. 

  1. Spy on online activity

Spyzie allows you to spy on all the online activities taking place on the target iPhone. It will let you know what the user searches and the websites they visit. If the iPhone user has an account on dating websites, Spyzie will let you know. 

  1. Keylogger feature 

The keylogger feature is among the most interesting features in this app. It records all the keystrokes made by the target iPhone. The app can even capture personal details such as usernames and passwords used on the iPhone. 

Besides, it makes it easy to access the keystrokes by grouping them based on the app. It also provides another way of accessing all deleted messages on the target iPhone. 

What makes Spyzie the best iPhone spy app?

It is evident Spyzie is a trusted iPhone surveillance app. Above all, it comes with iPhone surveillance features and capabilities to match. Below are some of the reasons Spyzie is the best iPhone surveillance app. 

  1. No jailbreaking necessary 

With Spyzie, you won’t have to jailbreak the target iPhone to start spying on it. The app uses cutting-edge surveillance technology that relies on the iCloud backup to spy an iPhone. 

Besides, jailbreaking an iPhone leaves the target iPhone user vulnerable to malware. Also, it voids the warranty on the iPhone. So, you won’t need the technical skills to use this app. 

  1. 100% undetectable 

Since the app doesn’t require the installation of the app on the target iPhone, it is impossible to detect it. Also, its surveillance activities take place in the background to avoid interfering with the target iPhone performance. 

  1. Safe 

With Spyzie, you are the only one who can access the contents on your dashboard. Also, the app doesn’t gather data from other third-party apps. This way, it doesn’t compromise the data security of the target iPhone user. 

  1. Legal 

Spyzie is designed to protect children and minors from threats that may occur when using iOS or Android devices. What’s more, the app only supports legal use of the app. It is recommended you consult a legal advisor before using the app. 



Spyzie is the best iPhone surveillance app thanks to its capabilities that deserve your full attention. Besides, Spyzie is a trustworthy app with millions of users across the world. The app guarantees reliable service to its users.

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