How to Spy on iPhone With Just Phone Number

‘How can I spy on an iPhone with just the phone number?’ The question is often asked; however, rarely answered.

Doing a quick search on the internet for an iPhone spy app might show you countless results. However, how many of those results you think are genuine? Quite a few, actually.

Therefore, in order to make sure that you get a genuine answer to the query once and for all, this guide on how to spy on an iPhone will guide you through the entire process step by step.

You can try this guide on any iPhone, regardless of the iPhone model and the operating system it runs.

Part 1: Easy Way to Spy on an iPhone With Number

Spying on an iPhone isn’t as tough as you might have thought in your head. Once you learn about the steps to do it, you will be able to accomplish it in a jiffy.


1.1 Spyic- The iPhone Spy Ninja

Unless you have a very high technical skill set, you always need an iPhone spy app for getting the job done. When we talk about these apps, Spyic is one of the most popular choices out there.

Spyic can provide you all the data of an iPhone remotely, without even the need to touch an iPhone at all. There is no need to install Spyic on the target iPhone or on your own phone.

The best thing about using Spyic for spying on an iPhone is that there is no jailbreak required, which several other iPhone spying options actually require.

spyic dashboard

How iPhone Spying Works Through Spyic?

When you are using Spyic to get an iPhone’s data, there is no need to touch the target iPhone at all or alter the iPhone’s integrity through jailbreaking.

Spyic uses the iCloud backup data of an iPhone. Since the iCloud feature is present on all iPhones, it eliminates the need to install any additional app.

If you want someone’s iPhone data secretly, you just need to provide Spyic with their iCloud credentials. Spyic then gets their iCloud data backup, decrypts it, and presents it in an organized manner on your personalized Spyic dashboard.

1.2 Steps to Spy on an iPhone Using Spyic

Spying on an iPhone using an app like Spyic can be done entirely through a web browser. The web browser can be of any device, be it a computer, smartphone, or a tablet. Follow these steps to accomplish easy iPhone spying:

Step 1: Register for the iPhone spying app

First of all, you will have to create an account on the app you wish to use. If you want to use Spyic, you can find the signup link on the homepage. You also need to get a subscription plan for iOS devices.

spyic sign up

Step 2: Verify iCloud Credentials

Once you have created the account, the setup process will begin. You can provide the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone when it is asked. Spyic will take a few minutes to verify the credentials and sync the data.


Step 3: Access their iPhone Data

Once the setup is complete, you can click on the ‘Start’ button to access your Spyic dashboard with all its features. Their entire iPhone data is available here. To view any data, you can click on the particular feature tab and that data will open.


1.3 What Type of iPhone Data Can I Spy On?

The amount of iPhone data which you can spy varies from the method to method. If you use an iPhone spy app like the one mentioned above, you get access to nearly all of an iPhone’s data through countless features. Some of this includes:

Social Media Messages:

It is possible to read the private messages of all the social media accounts of a user. This includes their WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram messages, and more.

facebook spy

Call Monitor:

Call monitor provides the entire call logs of the user. It is possible to view who they call, who calls them, and the time and the duration of the calls.
check call history

You could check on someone’s call history online:

Location Tracker:

Location tracker provides the live location of the iPhone 24×7. It also shows the recent location of the iPhone with date and time for every coordinate.

track cell phone location

Gallery Viewer:

Gallery viewers can show you all the pictures and videos present on the target iPhone. You can also download these to your device if you require.

There are several other features to view various data present on the target iPhone. You can try out Spyic’s free live web demo to view some of these features in action.


Spying on an iPhone is fairly simple and easy. If you follow the correct process, there will be no need to go to great lengths for finding out what someone is hiding.

As an added tip, always stay away from anything that asks to jailbreak an iPhone. It is never going to turn out good.