How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

There are times when you need to spy on someone’s text messages. Your loved one is acting strangely, for example, and you may be worried about them. Or perhaps you want to keep tabs on an errant employee.

Regardless, you’re probably wondering if there is a covert way to spy on someone’s iPhone text messages. The answer is yes, there is! There are several spyware apps out there designed expressly for phone monitoring.

In this article, we give you 3 simple ways to spy on someone’s iPhone text messages:

Part 1: How to Spy On iPhone Text Messages or iMessage

With the right spyware utility, you can read someone’s iPhone text messages undetected. Good spyware apps don’t require you to jailbreak the target iPhone. The best ones work remotely, with no software download required.

1.1 Use the highly trusted Spyic utility

Spyic is one of the most respected, trusted spyware tools around. It’s used by millions of people in over 190 countries and has a 96% customer satisfaction rate.

Spyic is effective and easy to use. It works remotely – you don’t need physical access to the target device. All you need is the login details of the iCloud account linked to the device.

spyic banner

1.2 How to use Spyic to spy on iPhone text messages

Just follow these simple steps to use Spyic:

spyic sign up

  • Enter the iCloud ID and Password.verify-icloud-id-guide
  • After a few minutes, the Spyic dashboard will show up. Look for the “Messages” option to the left. Click it. A Messages screen will show up.spy-on-text-messages The information displayed here is comprehensive. You can see a list of all the recent messages sent to or out from the iPhone. Every message is accompanied by a time and date stamp.You can read even deleted messages!

1.3 Spyic offers several additional features

Spyic does much more than allow you to spy on text messages. Here are some additional features for you to be excited about:

  • Locations history: You get an overview of all the places the phone was in recently.
  • Call logs: You can see the phone’s call history.
  • iMessages: Aside from text messages, Spyic also tracks iMessages, even it is deleted.
  • Social apps: Spyic allows you to track the target iPhone’s WhatsApp and LINE messages.

You can see Spyic in action first-hand, no installation or registration required. Check out the Spyic live demo here.

Part 2: 3 Awesome Text Message Spy Apps for iPhone

There are three other text message spy apps we recommend. All of them allow you to spy on iPhone text messages discretely.

Note that these apps are not as user-friendly, well-designed, or feature-rich as Spyic. They may also require you to jailbreak the target iPhone to unlock advanced features.

2.1 Cocospy

Cocospy is one of the best iPhone spy apps without jailbreak. Like Spyic, it doesn’t require a jailbreak to run. It works with the target iPhone iCloud account instead. You can use the app to remotely monitor text messages received on the target iPhone.

Because Cocospy works remotely, it’s virtually undetectable. You can try out Cocospy before buying it. The plans are reasonable. You save more the longer you pay. Here is a brief summary of the features offered by Cocospy:

  • Track messages from all iOS messaging apps
  • GPS-based location tracking
  • Browser history
  • Call log
  • Media files access
  • Access to notes, events, and reminders

You can also try out a Cocospy live demo, no registration needed. You can also check Cocospy review here.

2.2 mSpy

The mSpy app was developed for concerned parents and employers. With mSpy, you can monitor someone’s iPhone text messages remotely, without a jailbreak. With a jailbreak, you can unlock several additional functions.

mSpy gives you full access to someone’s iPhone text messages and iMessages. If you manage to jailbreak the device, you can unlock additional features. Here is a quick overview of mSpy’s top features:

  • Email access
  • GPS location tracking
  • Access to media files
  • Data wiping capabilities
  • Website history
  • Keylogging

2.3 iKeyMonitor  

The iKeyMonitor app has a reputation for being trustworthy. It has been around since 2012. Like the other apps we mentioned, iKeyMonitor allows you to read someone’s iPhone text messages stealthily.

iKeyMonitor offers a nifty free plan. If you want additional features, you need to pay for them. You may also need to jailbreak the target device to access advanced features. Basic features work without a jailbreak.

We list some of the best features of the app here:

  • Track SMS messages
  • Find GPS-based locations
  • Record keystrokes
  • Block apps
  • Capture screenshots
  • Check the call history

Part 3: Use Apple’s Built-In Method

Don’t want to download a third-party app? You can try a simple workaround. Note that you need to get your hands on the iPhone for it to work. However, be aware that this method is not stealthy. You could get caught.

What’s the workaround? All you have to do is open the “Settings” app on the target iPhone. After that, tap on the “Messages” option. In the “Messages” menu, open up the “Send & Receive” submenu:

spy on iphone messages

Here, you’ll see the “Add an Email” option. You can add your email ID there. Every new iMessage the phone receives or sends out will be forwarded to that email ID.


Note that while you don’t have to download an app for this method to work, we don’t recommend it. Your email address is not hidden from the person you’re spying on, you could be detected. It may also be illegal.

To sum it up, you can spy on iPhone text messages for free discretely with Spyic, Cocospy, mSpy, and iKeyMonitor are less effective alternatives. The riskiest way is via Apple’s built-in iMessage forwarding feature.

We hope the information here allows you to better handle your employees or keep your loved ones safe.

Also, if you want to spy on someone’s Android phone, watch the video below:

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