TeenSafe Review

Remote phone monitoring or parent control apps have become an integral part of our lives. The surging incidents of phone misuse have forced many people to infringe on the privacy of their loved ones for their own goodness. 

With the help of a reliable parental control app, parents can have a good night’s sleep while keeping tabs on phone activities done by their kids. If you’re already using one then you must know how great it is to have it by your side. 

If you’re hunting down for one then this article is going to help you a lot as it gives an honest review of one such feature-rich remote phone monitoring app- TeenSafe. Read it and find out how amazingly good this remote phone monitoring app is and how it can help you. 

TeenSafe – Best-of-breed Phone Monitoring App 

The very first thing that forced us to visit the TeenSafe website and choose it to review was its claim to offer risk-free monitoring. Without dragging you on the path of jailbreak/rooting, TeenSafe assists you at every step.  

This explains why millions of people have shown trust in it. Soon after its launch, TeenSafe has earned huge popularity across 190 nations of the world. 

Its modus operandi is so flawless and cut-above that many leading media houses have backed its operations and have supported it fully. Once you will know TeenSafe a little better, you’ll find out what made the whole world go gaga over it. 

We did extensive research and tried to analyze the functionality of TeenSafe at multiple levels. Here are the findings of our research. 

Risk Mitigation Ability 

Whenever you’re choosing a remote phone app, the first thing that you should check is its risk mitigation ability. Hacking or spying on someone’s phone is an easy job. There are many risks involved in this. 

For instance, a wrong move can damage the targeted OS once and for all or can expose the OS to multiple cyber threats. So, an ideal phone monitoring app is the one that will deal with these risks up to a maximum extent. 

As we have already told you that TeenSafe works without taking the help of rooting/jailbreaking, risks are very less with it. 

It also doesn’t save data on the server while working online. This move further ensures great data security. Using it is free from all the traditional risks of phone hacking.

 Compatibility and Usability 

TeenSafe is available for both iOS and Android OS. Using it, you can spy on iPhone, Android phones, and tablets which is actually very great. 

Its usability scores full house as it is unbeatable. One doesn’t have to be a hacking expert to use it. It’s very handy and can be at your service with the least possible efforts. 

TeenSafe for iOS comes with a 100% browser-based interface that works without any download & installation. There is nothing like a time-taking set-up process. 

Grab any your regular device, login in using any browser, and TeenSafe will be at your service. No one thought that spying on an iPhone can be that easy. 

TeenSafe for Android is also very easy to use. Its set-up and installation process is very easy. Almost the same as any other Android app. So, you don’t have to spend hours to learn the process. 

As it is less than 2MB in size, its set-up and installation will hardly take 5 minutes. This again means that you are not going to spend long hours in the set-up. 

Secrecy and Privacy 

TeenSafe has many ways to maintain the secrecy and privacy of the user. For instance, its Android solution comes with stealth mode. Activation of this mode makes the app icon vanish away. 

No one can make out its presence on the targeted phone; not even the end-user. 

Also, TeenSafe works without sending any update on the targeted phone. Every update and notifications will be sent on the dashboard which has nothing to do with the targeted device. 

Its dashboard works independently and can be at your service without using or accessing the targeted device. This way your secret is never revealed to anyone you can spy without any fear.  


TeenSafe is a very comprehensive phone monitoring app that assists you in almost everything. 

Once deployed, it can keep tabs on around 35+ phone activities at a time. Call logs, contacts, SIM information, live location, SMS, IMs, social media accounts, apps used, web-browsing history, and many other activities can be monitored with TeenSafe. 

To make it more viable and useful, it offers a very powerful keylogger. Using its keylogger, you can record almost every single keystroke made on the targeted OS. 

Data reliability

There is no point in having a feature-rich or user-friendly phone-hacking solution if it isn’t fetching reliable and real-time data. TeenSafe knows this very well. This is why its developers adopted zero-compromise policy at this front. 

TeenSafe captures data in real-time. Just as activities are happening, it is capturing them and updating you. There are no loopholes in it. You can easily confirm it with the timestamps that are attached to every entry. 


Despite the high-end and advanced features & facilities that TeenSafe offers to you, it never charges you a bomb. In fact, it’s very pocket friendly. To enjoy its reliable and real-time phone tracking facility for the whole month, you need to spend only $10. That’s it. 

This cost is for both Android and iOS solutions. It also offers you the facility to spy on more than one device at a time. With its Corporate Package, you can even spy on around 25 devices at a time. While availing this combo deal, you are going to save some more bucks. 

Final Words 

TeenSafe is a feature-rich remote phone monitoring app that one can use for various purposes.

Whether you want to ensure the right phone usage by your kids or need to know some secrets about your spouse, it will help you for sure. It scores full at fronts like features, risk mitigation, and data security which indicates that this is the best bet that one can make. 

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