Top 5 iPhone Call Logger Apps

An iPhone call logger app allows people to monitor and check incoming and outgoing calls, as well as accessing the device’s call history.

With the right app, this can also be done on a target phone. For parents, this becomes necessary at some point in their children’s lives, but if a person suspects that its spouse is having an affair, these monitoring services can determine call durations, time, and phone numbers.

The iPhone can store more than a thousand calls. However, users can only see the last hundred. For full-on access to the log, you will need an iPhone call logger app.

Downloading an iPhone call history app can make things simple for you, as you will be able to access call records over a significant period of time. Once you hook the app up, it will download the call history.

Here are the top five iPhone call log apps, some of them free, others paid:


Spyic is competing to be the number 1 phone monitoring app in the market, because of its wide catalog of features.

One of them is, unsurprisingly, a call logger for iPhone, which lets users access the call records of both the user and a target device.

iOS users can enjoy an incredibly convenient setting: there is absolutely no need to jailbreak the device, and no software download or install is required, as well.

Plans for iPhone users come in two versions: the Family and Premium payment models let people monitor contacts, call logs, messages, iMessages, real-time location, browser history, calendars, photos, WhatsApp, LINE, installed applications, photos, and videos.

Here you can see a Live Demo version of Spyic’s dashboard, with all of the offerings at hand, an efficient customer service, and a very easy to use interface.

Why Spyic is the best choice

With versatility and privacy as its primary calling cards, Spyic is the top choice as an iPhone call history app.

You can view data in any browser, in any device, and its software is easy to use, the interface is slick and very attractive to the eye, and the installation process is very straightforward.

Also, you can run Spyic in stealth mode: for Android, you need to hide the icon after installing the app in the target phone, and for iOS, you can do it discreetly and remotely with no extra software required. It also has an Android Keylogger.

Spyic is the number one iPhone call log app because it is reliable and trustworthy. Some of the brands outside of this Top 5 are scams that are only after your money without providing a good service.

The installation is fast and easy, and it is completed in less than five minutes thanks to the small size of the app (less than 2M.) Spyic won’t take much space of your storage.

How to set up Spyic for iOS

  • The Spyic iOS product makes use of the iCloud backup, and that way, it knows the target device’s data. In other words, users should activate the iCloud backup on the target phone.
  • Then, you should input the target phone’s iCloud account and password in Spyic’s Control Panel.
  • Now, you should be able to view the target phone’s data and use other features, such as call logs, messages, iMessages, pictures, videos, social media behavior, and more.


Cocospy is another top alternative if you are looking to access the iPhone call logger. In the case of iOS, it is similar to Spyic in the sense that there is no need to jailbreak the device and no software download is required.

It is not a coincidence that Cocospy, an outstanding customer satisfaction tool, has such an excellent customer satisfaction rate, currently at 96%. It means that 96 out of 100 clients reorder the company’s services.

The company offers a 24/7 customer support and features such as stealth mode, social media monitoring, contacts, call logs, messages, iMessages, real-time location, browser history, calendars, photos, and more.

Cocospy iOS solution essentially takes iCloud backup and that way, it knows the target device’s data. Of course, users need to activate the iCloud backup on the target phone. After that, they need to input the target phone’s iCloud account and password in the Control Panel.


Among free providers, WePhone is clearly a top call logger for iPhone. It is basically a VoIP phone service that takes advantage of high-speed Internet connections to make calls in your location and to other 200 nations.

Thanks to WePhone, you can avoid high phone bills and make them for free, with the possibility of adding text messages to the equation as well.

It is very easy to call your family and friends from your iPhone call logger app. And, additionally, you can earn free minutes by completing some fun tasks.

TapeACall Pro

TapeACall Pro has a curious modus operandi: if you want to start recording calls, you need to start a three-way call and the call recordings will be at your disposal at the moment you hang up the conversation.

At that point, you will be able to transfer call recordings from the TapeCall server to other devices and iPhones or download them to your computer while also having the chance to upload them to cloud-based or storing services.

Essentially, TapeACall Pro can record incoming and outgoing calls in the TapeCall server, while only charging users the one time.

Call Recorder FREE

The name speaks it out loud: you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy Call Recorder FREE, a product made by Component Studios.

This free app, available only for iPhone users, has a premium version that costs $9.99. The costless mode is very straightforward and easy to use.

The newest version of the app comes with an updated recording process, additional feedback to help merge calls, and bug fixes and improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

🍉 Can you log a phone call without the other person knowing?

Yes, you can log a phone call without the other person knowing. The first couple of recommendations on our list above are very discreet and allow you to log incoming and outgoing calls on the sly. Note that there are other methods to log phone calls, but they aren’t always discreet. 

🍟 Is it legal to use an iPhone call logger?

Owning an iPhone call logger is legal. However, how you use it determines its legality. The legality differs from country to country. In the US, it is legal for parents to log the calls of their minor children. Employers can also log the calls of their employees on their company-issued devices. Always check local laws before using it!

🎂 How can I record a phone call without an app on an iPhone?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no way to record a phone call without an app on the iPhone. Apple doesn’t release a call recording app with its devices. Still, that’s not a major handicap by any means. You can download a phone call logger on an iPhone in a matter of minutes. 

🍭 How do you know if you’re being recorded on the phone?

Worried your phone calls are being recorded? Listen for unusual noises in the background, like a faint crackling, clicks, or faint bursts of static. These indicate clearly that someone is recording your calls. Also, watch your battery levels and note if they drain too quickly. 

🏆 What’s the best app for recording phone calls on an iPhone?

The best app for recording phone calls on an iPhone is Spyic in our books. The app not only gives you full access to the call logs on the device, but it also offers a variety of added phone monitoring features. You can log texts, social media, notes, emails, passwords, usernames, installed apps, and much more.


In conclusion, a call logger for iPhone users let them check incoming and outgoing calls while recording them and accessing the call history, something that hasn’t been easy since the earlier iPhone versions.

Apps such as Spyic and Cocospy come with the bonus of letting customers monitor call activity on a target phone. That is crucial to check what sites are your children visiting. They are tools that help people make sure their children aren’t doing anything potentially harmful.

They also benefit iPhone users that want to see which calls are their partners receiving regularly. The setup process for iOS users doesn’t even require any software installation: it can be done remotely.

Overall, Spyic and Cocospy are the two best options, and WePhone, TapeACall Pro, and Call Recorder FREE are the top 5 paid and free iPhone call logger apps in 2019.

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