FoneMonitor Review

You can never be too cautious in this day and age. In order to save yourself from harm or even financial loss, you might need access to the information you would normally not have. Employees and workers are some of the people who can cause you real harm in business.

Dishonest employees might be wasting office time or they might even be dealing with your rivals. Children might have to be tracked off if they become unruly or if they stay out late too much. In such cases, the best way to go would be by hacking their phone or device.

FoneMonitor is an app that specializes in this purpose and it offers users a way to handle these issues. Visit the FoneMonitor homepage for more information and read our review for further clarity on the product.

What is FoneMonitor?

FoneMonitor is an app which has been relatively successful recently. The app offers users a way to monitor the activity of someone’s cell phone or tablet. The app has a very strong reputation all over the world and it has enjoyed satisfied customers in the millions.

FoneMonitor works equally well on both Android and iOS apple devices. One of the best things about this software is that you don’t have to worry about the hacking; this app works on its own on any device without the need for root or jailbreak.

FoneMonitor is an ideal app for spying purposes. The app was designed to be able to find out any activity done on a device. The app works in secret and does not put a strain on a device’s battery. FoneMonitor is one of the best legal spying apps in the market.


The app comes with a full set of spying features. This is one of the most loaded apps we have seen. There is nothing on a target device this app cannot monitor. You have the ability to spy on texts, view messages, record keystrokes, and even track a phone’s location.

There are many features which the app can use to get the information you want. The levels of features in total you can have are dependent on the type of package you subscribe to. The app will give its users real-time and constant updates in the form of notifications.

Main features of FoneMonitor are:

  • You can view text messages
  • You can view social media messages of all natures
  • Record keystrokes
  • Record call lists and contacts
  • Track location of a target device effectively
  • Browser history record
  • And more features

FoneMonitor was an app that has all the tools possible to spy on people in a legal manner. The legality of the software depends on your use. This is an ideal app to figure out how your employees spend their time during work hours and it can also be used for personal uses.

FoneMonitor relies on one thing only, the internet. The target device has to be in an online state for results to be displayed. Until a target device finds the internet, you will not receive updates. So make sure that the person you are monitoring has the internet.

How to hack a device with FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor does all the work for you, as stated above. This will be illustrated in how you won’t have to do anything fancy to set it up on a target device. It’s hard to call this hacking, it is more like a simple registration process that takes little time and expertise.

Step 1

Begin by visiting the FoneMonitor homepage and going to the signup portion. On the signup page, you will have to simply create an account like you normally do for any other job. Fill the blanks and afterward you will be taken to the part where you pay for the software.

The amount you pay will depend on the kind of features you want or the amount of time you subscribe for.

Step 2

Android Devices

For Android devices, you will have to first select the Android option on your signup side. The next thing to do will be to properly prepare the target device for the installation of unverified software. FoneMonitor will link you to the apk file you will have to install on a device you want to hack.

Don’t worry this file is very small and unnoticeable. Once the file has been installed, you will open the app and click on start. This will auto-hide all existence of the app.

Apple iOS Devices

The setup for Apple devices is very easy. You just select the Apple device as your option and then all you need is to provide the service the cloud account credentials. You will need such credentials of a person’s device you want to monitor.

Step 3

If you have successfully performed the steps you will be notified by a message on the page. You can now let the app do its magic after a few minutes of it setting itself up.

All you have to do now is to open your account on any device and your dashboard will be your hub to manage all your spying features. You can easily pivot between all of the many fantastic features and you will also be notified of updates as well.

The app is fairly easy to remove as well. You will have to remove the downloaded and installed file in the case of Androids and for Apple devices, you will just have to disconnect your cloud account.


Visiting the FoneMonitor homepage will open a new world of monitoring for you. You will have access to the information you thought would be impossible for you to get. The app has all of the features one can need in a spying service and it is simple to use and easy to set up.

It is hard to find real weaknesses in the service. This is one of the best ones out there and it gives apps like Spyine and Minspy a good run for their money.

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