How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software

‘Is it possible to spy on iPhone?’ “How can I spy on iPhone without installing software?” “ How to spy on iPhone without Jailbreak?’

Are you looking for answers to these questions?

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iPhones are generally considered more secure as compared to Android. The applications for iPhone undergo through strict scrutiny before they qualify for launching into the App store. This process and the strong brand image leaves an impression that one can not spy on iPhone.

This is a false and misleading impression.

The answer to your questions is ‘Yes, it is possible to spy on iPhone without installing the spy software’.

Let us tell you how to spy on iPhone without installing the software. We know you want to keep things simple so we have come up with Spyic and Cocospy cell phone monitoring solution. These tools let you spy on iPhone without jailbreaking the device and without installing any software.

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Spy on iPhone

Part 1: How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software

You can spy on iPhone without installing software by using the reliable Spyic cell phone monitoring solution. Spyic is a powerful tool for tracking every activity on the target iPhone.

Spyic is the leading spyware in over 190 countries enjoying the support of millions of users. It is endorsed by well-reputed media outlets. With over 35 features, Spyic enables you to completely monitor the target device.

Primarily developed for parental monitoring, it can be used for all legal purposes including monitoring of employees and spying on spouses. It is ethical to inform the person being monitored that you are going to track the device.

How does Spyic work without installing software?

Spyic provides a web-based monitoring solution for spying on iOS devices. You don’t need to install an app on the target device.

The working principle is simplified by using the latest technologies. Spyic utilizes the iCloud account back up for retrieving data from the iPhone. You need to know the credentials of the iCloud account which is signed in on the target iPhone.

The pre-requisites for successful spying on iPhone are

  • The iCloud account is signed in the target device.
  • Backup services are enabled and running.
  • The device is connected to the internet.

You need to have a registered Spyic account with an active subscription. Then, you can remotely configure the target iPhone by entering the iCloud credentials. Once iCloud credentials are verified, the data from the target device begins to sync up.

The data synchronization may take a couple of minutes. You can access the Spyic Control Panel online via any web browser and see the activity log of the target device.

Browse through available options to monitor different activities on the monitored phone.

Would you like to roam and experience the Spyic cell phone monitoring solution yourself? Here you can see our live iOS demo.

Spyic is a ‘No Jailbreak Monitoring’ solution for iOS

Yes, it is possible. Although some counterparts require you to jailbreak the device for accessing advanced features, Spyic frees you from any such hassle.

Spyic provides a no-jailbreak solution for iOS. This means you don’t need to jailbreak the device. You can access the complete functionality of Spyic while your device stays protected.

How can I Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software via Spyic?

You can start monitoring the iPhone following these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up to Spyic

  • Enter a valid email address.
  • Choose a password.
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ to get a Cocospy account.
  • Make a purchase according to your monitoring needs.



Step 2: Configure the iPhone

You will receive a welcome email in your inbox. Follow the instructions in the email and start device configuration:

  • Follow the setup instructions.
  • Name the target device appropriately.
  • Select ‘iOS’ in the Mobile Device.


  • Enter iCloud credentials of the target device.
  • Hit ‘Verify’.


Step 3: Go to Spyic Control Panel and Spy on iPhone

The data begins to sync up when iCloud credentials are verified.

  • Click ‘Start Monitoring’.
  • Go to the Control Panel > Dashboard.
  • Play around to monitor all activities.

Spyic Dashboard

Why should I choose Spyic?

With an aesthetic, intuitive and incredibly user-friendly interface, Spyic meets all your iPhone monitoring needs.

Here’s a quick list of activities that you can monitor with Spyic monitoring solution.

Monitor messages, iMessages, call logs, WhatsApp and LINE conversations. Besides, review media files on the target device. View the list of installed apps and the internet browsing history to know about the interests of the monitored person.

Additionally, Spyic provides advanced monitoring features. You can capture screenshots and record surroundings by sending a command remotely through the control panel.

Track the GPS based location of the device in real-time and see route history on the map. Set up a Geofence around particular spaces and mark them. You will receive an alert message if the device enters or exits the specific locations.

Spyic offers a no-jailbreak iOS solution.  It can be set up within a couple of minutes without requiring any technical expertise. A wizard helps you through the setup process.

You do not need to download or install an app on your iPhone target. It does not void the guarantee of iPhone or expose it to vulnerabilities.

It is a 100% secure and legitimate spy app. Spyic respects your privacy and does not try to steal data. Neither it contains malware nor it introduces any virus in the target device.

Spyic is compatible with all iPhone and iPads. Moreover, a professional technical support 24/7 is readily available to assist if you encounter any trouble using Spyic cell phone monitoring solution.

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Part 2: How to Spy on iPhone Without Having the Phone

Cocospy is another powerful app to spy on iPhone without having the phone.

It is a reliable and professional cell phone monitoring software. The millions of loyal customers support and trust Cocospy. The solution impresses us with a customer satisfaction rate of 96%.

The bright and colorful user interface enhances the user experience of tracking any device.

Cocospy provides the ‘No Jailbreak’ solution for iOS. You don’t need to physically access the device or install an application on the target device.

Simply, configure the target iPhone device by entering the iCloud credentials. Complete the Cocospy setup by following instructions in the Setup Wizard.

Once configured, the data from the target device is extracted via iCloud Backup and uploaded to the server. This data is displayed through your Cocospy Dashboard. The dashboard can be accessed online via any web browser.

The web-based monitoring software allows you to remotely track all activities on the iPhone.

  • You can monitor iPhone call logs with call and caller details.
  • Know more about suspicious contacts by checking out the details in the address book.
  • Spy on iPhone text messages and see the attached media files.
  • You can also follow the activity on social apps of the target device.
  • Keep an eye on the location of the target device and see the locations pinpointed on the map.
  • Check out the media files, notes information and calendar events easily.
  • View the internet browsing history.
  • See the list of installed applications to know more about the interests of the monitored person.

Cocospy is a legitimate and secure application. It is compatible with all versions of iOS.

There are three pricing plans available: Basic, Premium, and Family. Save up to 86% on the Premium package and pay only $9.99 per month with a 12-month license.

Cocospy is a perfect combination of features and performance at an affordable price.

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Today, we looked at Spyic and Cocospy solutions for monitoring iPhone devices. Both software is reliable and provides adequate digital surveillance of your device.

However, Spyic provides advanced functionality of secretly recording surroundings and capturing screenshots.

Let us know which tool best suited your needs and how your spying experience was.

Also, if you wants to know how Spyic Android solution works, you can watch this video below:

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